100 blogs. ONE. HUNDRED. BLOGS. #100blogs! – My list of the 100 blogs I have written over 100 days is at the end of this post.

It’s a challenge alright. The idea for this comes from Gareth Mailer (SEO Wizard and internet marketing specialist) who decided he was going to write 100 blog posts in 100 days.

100 blogs in 100 days

So, I am jumping on the bandwagon and will also be writing 100 blogs in 100 days. I didn’t know whether I would commit to such a mighty feat as I am no regular blogger, but I have managed the first two days, so I figure that equals commitment. Just to solidify that even further, I am writing this post as the 3rd of my 100 blog posts. Only 97 more days to go! *whimpers slightly.

If anyone else wants to hop on the blogging bandwagon and fancies committing to 100 blog posts over the next 100 days, I think it is a case of the more the merrier. You can find other people who are joining in on this quest by searching #100blogs on twitter.

I really am curious to see whether I can pull this off. Wish me luck and let me know if you decide to play along! I’d love to read your blogs too!

I will keep a list of my 100 blogs here!

1/100blogs People Who Leave Your Life
2/100blogs How Youtube Killed Soap operas
3/100blogs *This Post*
4/100blogs How Do Birthdays Make You Feel?
5/100blogs The Power Of Positive Thinking
6/100blogs 100 Poem Prompts #100poems
7/100blogs Create! Someone Will Like It
8/100Blogs I Can’t Do It
9/100blogs Things You Need To Stop Saying
10/100blogs How Do You Use The Twitter Favourite Button
11/100blogs Motivational Quotes
12/100blogs Life In Colour | A Poem
13/100blogs How To Keep A Diary
14/100blogs No-one Has All The Answers
15/100blogs What Is Your Why?
16/100blogs Mat Lloyd, Rhys James and Mark Grist
17/100blogs Deep In Conversation | A Poem
18/100blogs #SnowProject | Say Something Nice Online
19/100blogs Eurovision 2014
20/100blogs International Mother’s Day
21/100blogs Why The Numbers Don’t Matter
22/100blogs Do What You Love
23/100blogs If You Know Where You’re Going, Use A Map
24/100blogs 66 6 word story starters
25/100blogs How To Be Happier – Ditch The Happiness Zappers
26/100blogs Nothing To say
27/100blogs What Do You Do When You Are Having A Bad Day
28/100blogs The Ballad Of Fat Brenda
29/100blogs Palindrome Poem
30/100blogs 100 blogs in 100 days day 30
31/100blogs Learning Is Life
32/100blogs Forever – fun wedding poem
33/100blogs Today’s Troubles
34/100blogs Inspired By Morph
35/100blogs Music Monday
36/100blogs Vows | A Wedding Poem
37/100blogs Poem in memory of Maya Angelou
38/100blogs 50 reasons to smile
39/100blogs Advice and quotes for #myfuturepast
40/100blogs Don’t Judge Me In My Grief – A Poem
41/100blogs That Little Voice – A short poem about life.
42/100blogs Don’t Judge Me In My Grief Poem Video
43/100blogs Blogging Fatigue
44/100blogs Motivational Poem Video
45/100blogs The cutest poem ever.
46/100blogs Liebster Award
47/100blogs Be Wholeheartedly Unashamedly Passionately You | Quote
48/100blogs I Am Yours For All Of Time | Wedding Poem
49/100blogs And Then What?
50/100blogs It’s All Been Done Before
51/100blogs Accept What you Can’t Change
52/100blogs The Spark | A Poem
53/100blogs Proper Dads Poem For Fathers Day
54/100blogs Life Changing Moments
55/100blogs Father’s Day
56/100blogs Give Yourself Permission To Follow Your Dreams
57/100blogs New Wedding Poem Video – I Am Yours For All Of Time
58/100blogs What’s Your Cup Of Tea? Including Ode to Twinings English Breakfast Tea!
59/100blogs What’s The Mark Of A True Friend? Friendship quotes
60/100blogs Fun Blue Plaques Giveaway
61/100blogs Take responsibility
62/100blogs Attitude is everything
63/100blogs On the subject of problems.
64/100blogs How To Make Someone Love You?
65/100blogs I don’t want to live in a Googleverse.
66/100blogs Time – quote
67/100blogs Spread your wings – poem quote
68/100blogs Before You Break Your Spirit With Worry, Ask Yourself This
69/100blogs Change Is Inevitable
70/100blogs That Thing You Want To Achieve; Keep Trying
71/100blogs A Poem Every Day In July #DailyPoemProject
71.5/100blogs The First Time We Met | A poem | #DailyPoemProject
72/100blogs A poem about me | poetry | #DailyPoemProject
73/100blogs How Do You Get Heard?
73.5/100blogs A sonnet about food poverty | Dinner or Dust | #DailyPoemProject
74/100blogs The One | A Wedding Poem
74.5/100blogs A Poem About Being Alone | #DailyPoemProject
75/100blogs Blue | A Poem | #DailyPoemProject
76/100blogs One Step At A Time | Poem | #DailyPoemProject
77/100blogs Mastermind | A Poem | #DailyPoemProject
78/100blogs An Overnight Success?
78.5/100blogs Life Poem | Daily Poem Project
79/100blogs Miss Independent |Modern Fairytale Story Poem | #DailyPoemProject
80/100blogs I’ve Written Some Children’s Books
80.5/100blogs A Poem About Summer | #DailyPoemProject
81/100blogs A poem about night
81.5/100blogs I decide who I am quote
82/100blogs A poem about change
83/100blogs Wish I Could…. poem
84/100blogs A poem about trust
85/100blogs A poem about love
86/100blogs A poem about confidence
87/100blogs A poem about friends
A poem about music
A poem about family
A poem about nature
A poem about inspiration
91.5/100blogs Music Monday
92/100blogs First Flush Blush
93/100blogs A Poem About Beauty
94/100blogs A poem about strength
95/100blogs A poem about feelings
96/100blogs Ask Not What’s In It For Me
96.5/100blogs Wannabe Dream Chaser
97/100blogs A poem about childhood
98/100blogs A poem about jobs
98.5/100blogs Music Monday

This is post 3 of 100 blogs in 100 days.
100 blogs in 100 days

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