And then what?

And then what? #quote Ms Moem

We all all have our dreams.  Some bigger than others.  Some comfortable and safe.

But in the setting of goals, if you want to push yourself a little further, ask yourself if your dream came true, what would come next?

Those three little words ‘And then what?’ hold the key to your ultimate desires.

Give it a try!

Sometimes you might be harbouring the idea that you need to go via A,B,C,D,E when really you just want to be at F. By thinking about the ‘And then what?’ for each step of the way, you might find that F is closer than you previously thought, or that with a bit of creativity you could actually have ‘F’ today!

So the person who wants to set up a business, with the hope that eventually they’ll be able to take a few days a week off to be able to take it easy and go travelling – do they really want to run a business? Or do they just want to earn enough to travel to the places they’ve always wanted to go? Are there places nearer home that they could see today at a cheaper cost? Is there a job they could take in the short run to be able to pay for the first leg without having to invest all their earnings back into a business for x amount of years?

There’s always more than one way to get to any destination. Maybe your ‘And then what?’ could shape and refine your journey!

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