How do birthdays make you feel?
How do birthdays make you feel? Do you remember eagerly waking up early as a youngster, excited to see what the day had in store for you?
As we grow older, I think it is only natural that they lose a little bit of their magical sparkle. Another birthday means another year older. Again, it is only when we are younger, and the days stretch on endlessly ahead of us, that we impatiently think about being older and all the additional benefits and freedom that we *imagine* comes with age.

Well here’s a newsflash – growing-up is a trap! *laughs dryly.

I remember being around 11 years old, and not being able to imagine what life would be like when I was 21. It seemed so far away. Now long past 21, the time feels like it has flown. Admittedly, it’s not all rockets and hoverboards like I imagined it might be, but it is scary how quickly age sneaks up on you. I was in such a rush to get older, that I don’t feel I truly treasured my youth. But then they do say youth is wasted on the young! I kind of see where that comes from now!

Almost three years ago, I lost my Mum. Now, my birthdays (along with most other days) seem to be tinged with her loss. Losing a parent serves as a stark reminder of our own mortality. And that is what has replaced birthday joy. My Mum was one of those “21 again” ladies. That makes me smile to remember. Again, I get that now. They do say you become your Mother, as a girl, and I can feel the words ’21 again’ just waiting to trip off my tongue. But I shall resist; for now at least. Or maybe not!

Growing older is something that is denied to many. While I can sit here wailing about getting old, I’m realistically not ‘that old’ (unless you asked a teenager :-p ) and I am grateful for the chance to live.

Birthday girl! 21 again?

So, as today is my birthday and marks a fresh new year for me, I am going to make a conscious decision to do more ‘living’ over the year ahead and going forward. I have fallen into something of a trough over the last few years, but time really does wait for no man!

On The Subject Of Birthdays

Birthdays are milestones;
Like markers on your way
As you travel life’s journey.
Every 365 days,
Just exit the fast lane,
Pull up on the hard shoulder.
Another year wiser.
Another year older.

Reflect on the best.
Take your lessons from the rest.
Just don’t be depressed
That you’re not one digit less.

I confess I have been guilty. I have let my age define.
I have recoiled in fear at the thought of passing time.
It’s not like I expected, but I accept this age of mine
As it will be part of my younger days a few years down the line!

Life can be fragile
And what troubles me
Is that reaching another birthday
Is not always guaranteed.

So birthdays can be bittersweet
And remind us of the past
But I aim to make the best of it
As a year goes really fast!

On The Subject Of Birthdays is a poem written by Ms Moem.

How do birthdays make you feel?

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  1. Its always such a pleasure to read your touching words. Birthdays and the loss of a parent and family anniversaries are always such a sad time, when we think about our youth and dreams.
    I look forward to reading your next poem. Keep up the good work and may all your dreams for this year come true x

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