think positive - the power of positive thinking
There is a great power in positive thinking. It stands to reason that if you always assume the worst, then that is where your focus lies and so you could end up self-sabotaging. A more positive mindset opens up the possibilities. A negative mindset shuts them down.

As I plough my way through the 100 blogs in 100 days challenge, it is probably going to be quite important for me to think positive. It is quite a meaty challenge and one could easily decide to give up. I am only 5 days in but with a little bit of self belief, the whole thing should be a lot easier.

Here are a few positive quotes I am using to help me. You could use them as affirmations:

I can do this - quote

I can do this! – This is what I am telling myself every day is respect to the blog challenge. But it could be easily applied to anything you want to do!

I believe in me - quote

I believe in me! Again, a little self belief can take you a long way!

i am happy - positive quote

I am happy! Have you noticed how much faster time seems to go if you are enjoying yourself and happy with what you are doing.

Persistence is key - positive quote

Persistence is the key. Got to keep going. No-one remembers the people who gave up as they never got to the point of declaring success. The ones who made it to the top never gave up!

it's the little things - positive quote

It’s the little things! 100 blogs in 100 days is an epic challenge. Thinking about it as a whole has the potential to derail me; just the sheer magnitude. So by focusing on the little things, every day I get through turns into a little win!

So, what positive thoughts help you keep going?

100 blogs in one hundred days

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