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How Do You Use The Twitter Favourite Button?

How do you use the favourite button on twitter? (Twitter uses the US English ‘favorite’) The obvious answer is to identify the tweet you want to favourite and click the little star of happiness, leaving it yellow and glowing. It seems though, that despite it’s title, it isn’t really a button for designating your favourite tweets. I am sure some people must use it like that.

How to use the twitter favourite button.

The first 5 or 6 times I used it, were for @ mentions to me from celeb type folk.  It might have just been a “Yeah” or “Haha” but getting an at reply from a famous person back in the day was a real squealable moment. Or perhaps that was just me….. moving swiftly on.

I have noticed some people have taken to using it another way. You know, for those times where you want to acknowledge someone has said something to you, but you don’t want to conversate any further. Call it a virtual full stop.

Some people use the favourite button as a like button. So they may appreciate the sentiment of the tweet, but not enough to want to retweet it, so favourite again becomes more of a tweet acknowledgement. Perhaps in the future Twitter will give us a ‘LIKE’ button?

Another way to use the favourite button, is for storing links to articles, products and services that you want to go and have a proper look at later.

How do you use your twitter favourite button?

How do you use your twitter favourite button?

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