Today’s Troubles

Today’s troubles. One could argue that we are in the midst of great times, so why are our teens today so troubled? You only have to cast a glance on online news sites, or open a paper, to see stories of teen self harm and suicide. More and more they seem to be so overwhelmed with life, that they are choosing extremely drastic and permanent measures as a way of escaping. They just don’t see bright futures ahead.

Todays Trouble
Todays’s Troubles is a poem written by Ms Moem.

But why don’t they? In an era of instant gratification, is it because if something is further than a click away, it is just too much to bear; too much like hard work? Or perhaps that they have less freedom today that they might have had twenty or thirty years ago, with more helicopter parenting keeping them on a tight leash or tiger parenting pushing them into being busy and aiming to achieve things that don’t mean much to them.

Do we need to reduce the expectations placed on the younger generations? Let kids be kids, and not have to worry about planning their whole lives before they’ve even begun to really live?

I know it is easy to say with hindsight, but so many of the superficial things that teens worry about *will* pass. It is heartbreaking to read stories of youngsters so consumed with sadness and worry that they are hurting themselves and taking their own lives. And I’m not denying that some might have serious problems, but we all have a duty to try and help them see that some of their solutions might not be the wisest options.

I don’t have the answers, but I do worry for them and for subsequent generations going forward.

How can we cheer up our youngsters and make them see that today’s troubles won’t last?

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