The things we say have incredible power. Sometimes we don’t even realise the implications of our words, until it is too late. By cutting some phrases and sayings out of our lives, we can instantly up our vibrations and be a whole lot more positive and proactive.

Here are a few things you need to stop saying:

Saying No. No is a shut down word. More opportunities have been lost to the word ‘No’ than to anything else! By saying no to things, you are denying yourself the chance to do something. Of course there are times where no is a very valid answer, but this is more for those times where the outcome could be great but something just stops you. Say yes more and see where it takes you.

say yes! Be positive and let things happen!

I haven’t got time. If you want to do something but are using lack of time as an excuse, stop it! If you want something badly enough, you will make time. Whether you’re talking about writing or getting more exercise, the principal is the same.  Prioritize the things you want to accomplish and set aside just a little bit of time wherever you can. Even five minutes a day builds up to a considerable amount of time over the course of year.

It’s too hard. Most things worth going after are going to require quite a lot of effort. You can avoid all the hard stuff and stay as you are, or you can apply for yourself and do great things. Which would you prefer?

I can’t do this. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you’ll probably be right. So why do it? Give yourself a fighting chance and say “Yes I Can!”

I’d like to but… The key part of the point here is the word ‘but’. You might think that it’s just giving you the chance to find a good reason why it is ok for you to ‘not to do the thing’, but what it actually does is gives you permission to stick an excuse on the end of a sentence. If what you said to start with were true, ie you would like to do whatever, then do it. Don’t let ‘but’ be your get-out clause.

the time is now. think positive!

It’s not fair. Whatever precedes this statement is generally a bit of begrudgery. She’s prettier than me. It’s not fair. He’s got a nicer car than me. It’s not fair. They’re considerably richer than me. It’s not fair. You get the gist. Anyway, there is no point begrudging anyone else anything. What other people have doesn’t affect what you have, and blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter. Think good karma. Be pleased for other folk to have good things and nice experiences. It’s just a nicer way to be.

I’m too old/young. Age is just a number. Everyday you are the oldest you have been so far, and the youngest you’ll ever be again. Don’t let your age define what you can or can’t do.

I’ll do it tomorrow. Never put something off when you can do it today. Tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed and

That will never happen to me. Such a self-limiting belief. Again, if you believe something won’t happen, you’re probably right.  So instead, believe it can and will happen for you, whatever it may be. Start imagining a world where things do go your way, and how good it feels. Then from there, start working towards your goals. Positive thinking pays but action brings even bigger rewards!

I’m not good enough. Yes you are.

So that’s my starter list. Can you think of any other things you need to stop saying?

You are enough! Positive Quote!

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