In Memory Of Dr Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou Poem In Memory

On the day the world lost Dr Maya Angelou, I would like to share my most favourite of her poems.

And Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

With her unique and distinctive voice, Maya Angelou was an American poet and author. Known as renaissance woman, Maya had a worldwide following. Aged 86 when she died, she was a truly remarkable woman who inspired millions of people during her life, and will continue to do so going forward.

As a tribute, this is a poem I have written in her memory:

In Memory Of Dr Maya Angelou

Bruised physically and mentally,
Her smiling voice a key,
She unlocked boundaries of hate
Inspiring you and me.

She knew why the caged bird sang.
She knew her whole life long.
She spent a time in silence
Before gifting the world with her song.

Now she’s written down in history.
Her star lights up the skies.
Her words preserved forever
And still, like hope, she’ll rise.

Ascended from the mortal
To a chorus of angelic cries,
Renaissance woman reborn;
Her final journey, watch her rise!

No pain could keep her downtrodden.
History’s shame, decried.
She used her words to heal; for peace.
Whole nations watched her rise.

Thank you Maya Angelou.
Your light transcends the dark.
You rise, you rise, you rise, you rose.
You truly made your mark.

This poem in Memory of Dr Maya Angelou is written by Ms Moem.

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