Happiness Zappers

Happiness zappers! There are lots of little ways we can each sabotage our own happiness. So, surely if we can identify those, and work on getting rid of them, we should be happier all round?

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The following are a selection of happiness zappers. Perhaps you might identify with a few of them.

Not doing things that you enjoy.

It stands to reason that if the things you are doing are not enjoyable, that you won’t be happy. Even if you can only find 5 mins or half an hour a day, fill that time doing stuff that genuinely makes you feel happier. Whether it is listening to music or singing, or crafting, or watching your favourite youtubers, indulge yourself! Call it your golden time!

Comparing yourself to others.

You should never compare yourself to others. It is a sure fire way to lower your vibration. You are your own unique person on your own unique path. Even if you did what A.N.Other was doing to the letter, you would not get that result because you are not that person. That is not a bad thing. Follow your own dreams and don’t resent anyone else theirs!

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Staying in toxic relationships.

We’ve all been there. There are people that boost you and people that drain you.  Sometimes we are stuck in these situations for longer than we should be. However, even if the severing of the ties will hurt, the after effect could be a breath of fresh air; freeing you and letting you be happy!

Not changing scenery.

It is quite possible to go stir-crazy being trapped in the same place all the time, looking at the same surroundings. That is no good for feeling happy! It has often been said that a change is as good as a rest, and I believe that is true. Try a quick walk, explore somewhere new, drive down a road you’ve never been down. All of these are great ways to boost your feelings of happy!

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Over analysing.

Worrying about a problem never made it better. Going over and over the same things in your mind is a real zapper of happiness. If you can’t do anything about it, whether you worry or don’t worry, the outcome will be the same. If you can resolve it, then there is no need to worry. So ditch the worry and feel the happiness bloom.

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Always assuming the worst.

Why expect the worst? You don’t know what could happen. If you constantly assume the worst, odds are you will have a tendency to shut down opportunities out of fear or worry that the worst will happen.

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Over expectation.

Manage your expectations. If you expect things from other people and they don’t deliver, you will always feel let down. That is not a good place for the feelings of happiness to grow. Stop expecting things from people and then they never can let you down.

I’d be interested to hear what zaps your happiness, and what you do to boost your happiness levels!

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