That Thing You Want To Achieve: Keep Trying

Keep on trying. It might feel like pushing water up hill, but that doesn't mean it will always feel that way. | quote | ms moem

Sometimes it feels like
pushing water uphill.
It might feel impossible now
That doesn’t mean it always will.

That thing that you want to achieve probably won’t happen over night. You know this, otherwise you’d have already done it. But sometimes, on the way to doing something we really want, we get overwhelmed with the options, and the setbacks, and the effort without any concrete results; it can all just feel like a huge waste of time. It’s like whatever we try just isn’t right/good enough/well-received << delete as appropriate.

But nothing fabulous ever happens without someone somewhere making it so.

The only certainty with not trying, is that you will never know just how great it could have been.

So, when you think about that thing you want to achieve, tell yourself to keep trying and never give up! Focus on how good it will feel when you get there!

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