Eurovision 2014

Conchita, Eurovision 2014 winner

It’s a night for the family
To gather around the television.
As 26 nations present their songs,
Hoping to win the eurovision.

Some of the acts are zany,
Some a little less weird.
Though the talking point of 2014
Has been a lady with a beard.

There were plunging necklines from Poland
Performing as provocative washerwomen.
They were certainly playing to win it
But not really with their singing.

Then there was a chap who whistled;
It was upbeat and rather jolly.
25 acts warmed-up the crowd
For the UK contestant, Molly.

She rounded off the competition
With no realistic hope of winning.
When you’re up against Conchita
You’re on the back-foot from the beginning.

But when you’re watching Eurovision
The online commentary never stops.
Everyone is a comedian
Against a backdrop of europop!

The production is all fantastic.
The staging and lighting were great.
It’s just a shame our entry can never win
As each country just votes for their mates.

Still, it’s the taking part that’s important
And that’s a valuable lesson to learn.
The winners will host it next year
So that means, Austria, it’s your turn!

A poem about the Eurovision Song Contest 2014

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