Theo Paphitis Retweets Ms Moem On Small Business Sunday

Theo Paphitis Retweets Ms Moem

Theo Paphitis Champions Small Businesses on Small Business Sunday #sbs

He’s a business phenemenon now promoting small business success

Via the medium of Twitter, with his hashtag #sbs.

I sent over my best offering, wondering if he would retweet this

And lo and behold, Ms Moem was mentioned by the fabulous Theo Paphitis.

His concept is simple, but for us it’s a treat;

He’s championing small businesses with a well placed retweet.

So small business Sunday might become a tradition;

Add #sbs to your tweets, to participate in Theo’s mission.

It is less than 10 hours since I released my first book

And already I can feel an overwhelming wave of good luck!

Now as you can imagine, I am bouncing with glee

So on the behalf of all small businesses, I’d like to say thank you Mr P!

Hot News

Stop the press! Everyone look!
Today sees the release of my very first book.Motivational Moems Book
I’ve chosen today because of the magical date
And my book has been designed to inspire and motivate.

It is crammed with 26 must-read poems
All crafted at the hands, of me, Ms Moem.
I’d be delighted if you would give it a read;
I also hope it will motivate you, just when you need!

Motivational Moems is the book you can’t do without,
And it will help you to feel inspired, of that I’m in no doubt.
It is the little book that is big on inspiration
And if you ask me nicely, I’ll even do you a dedication! 😉
You can buy your copy of the book of Motivational Moems here, by paying via the Buy Now button below. Your order will be dispatched on or around the 25th of October, but pay today to save 10%.*

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X Factor Live Shows Begin

I wrote poems about the X Factor, last year, on a whim

So I’m doing it once more, as the live shows begin.

I’m thrilled that it’s back, and it’s hit the ground running

With the contestants and judges, the entertainment is stunning.

Now the selection of the artists, was particularly hard

So this year each section has been allowed a wildcard.

Twelve originally went through, now we have sixteen,

Eager and talented acts, ready to fulfill their dreams.

It is two and half hours of absolute pleasure

Add a generous dose of Dermot; just for good measure.

All singing and dancing, with lasers and lights;

But which two acts will have their cards marked, by the end of the night?

Voting Numbers For The X Factor first live show

FYD 0901 61 61 101

Matt Cardle 0901 61 61 102

John Adeleye 0901 61 61 103

Rebecca Ferguson 0901 61 61 104

Storm Lee 0901 61 61 105

Belle Amie 0901 61 61 106

Cher Lloyd 0901 61 61 107

Diva Fever 0901 61 61 108

Paije Richardson 0901 61 61 109

Katie Waissel 0901 61 61 11o

Mary Byrne 0901 61 61 111

Nicolo Festa 0901 61 61 112

One Direction 0901 61 61 113

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho 0901 61 61 114

Aiden Grimshaw 0901 61 61 115

TreyC Cohen 0901 61 61 116

Happy Birthday John Lennon 9th October

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

All around the world today, people will remember

The one and only John Lennon, one of the Beatles founding members.

On the 8th of December 1980, his life was sadly over

After being born, just 40 years before on the 9th of October.

He was born and raised in Liverpool, and failed all his GCE’s

But it didn’t affect the superstar, he would ultimately be.

So after nearly finishing a course at Liverpool School of Art

His amazing ride to stardom, could officially now start.

The screaming teens of the 60’s could not control themselves

And whatever the Beatles produced, simply went flying off the shelves.

Lennon stayed with the band until a dispute in 1969

And then went on to a solo career, with the most classic songs of all time.

Imagine is the very best, iconic and one that most will know

It was written well before I was born, but I still know how it goes.

That was released in ’71, and was instrumental in his life

And now ImaginePeace is the message from Yoko, his beloved wife.

It would have been his 70th birthday, and in honour of her late husband John

She’s spreading the word of peace, for those who’ve been loved and are now gone.

She’s relighting the Imagine Peace Tower to evoke a collective expression

So that from the sadness that was losing John, we all can take a lesson.

This poem in honour of John Lennon’s birthday is © Ms Moem 2010

To read more about the ImaginePeace project, visit

British Ticket Wins 113 Euromillions

euromillionsAfter today, the 8th of October, two thousand and ten

One person’s life in Britain, will never be the same again.

And that’s because something happened, which I think is rather nice;

They won the Euromillions, all one hundred and thirteen, to be precise.

The ticket was bought in Britain, that’s all that we know

And there’s no guarantee, that in public, they will ever show.

It might not be that hard to spot, if they suddenly buy a personal jet

I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering, if it’s anyone I have ever met?

So let me wish them the very best with their bucket of brand new wealth

And as they crack open the Cristal champagne, let’s all toast to their good health!

This poem about the lucky British ticket holder who won the Euromillions is © Ms Moem 2010

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