John Lennon and Yoko Ono

All around the world today, people will remember

The one and only John Lennon, one of the Beatles founding members.

On the 8th of December 1980, his life was sadly over

After being born, just 40 years before on the 9th of October.

He was born and raised in Liverpool, and failed all his GCE’s

But it didn’t affect the superstar, he would ultimately be.

So after nearly finishing a course at Liverpool School of Art

His amazing ride to stardom, could officially now start.

The screaming teens of the 60’s could not control themselves

And whatever the Beatles produced, simply went flying off the shelves.

Lennon stayed with the band until a dispute in 1969

And then went on to a solo career, with the most classic songs of all time.

Imagine is the very best, iconic and one that most will know

It was written well before I was born, but I still know how it goes.

That was released in ’71, and was instrumental in his life

And now ImaginePeace is the message from Yoko, his beloved wife.

It would have been his 70th birthday, and in honour of her late husband John

She’s spreading the word of peace, for those who’ve been loved and are now gone.

She’s relighting the Imagine Peace Tower to evoke a collective expression

So that from the sadness that was losing John, we all can take a lesson.

This poem in honour of John Lennon’s birthday is © Ms Moem 2010

To read more about the ImaginePeace project, visit

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