The Spending Review

Oh dear, cried the politicians
We seem to be in debt
We’re going to make some cutbacks;
Let’s see what reaction we get.

We’ll shave a bit off the public sector
And then some more for good measure
Did you say you wanted to be taxed more?
Why thank you, it’s our pleasure.

We’re doing it for the country;
Debts mount into the trillions.
Some might get caught with their pants down
Showing faces of ruddy vermillion.

We’re doing what the banks might call
An extensive financial review.
Also known to those in the trade as
Extraction of money, from me and you.

We make no bones about it
The whole economy will be hit
But we’re on a rollercoaster
And we might do the double dip.

Today the decisions will be spoken.
The public wait for the commandments to be read.
Brace yourself Britain, for reality;
It all rests on the Chancellor’s head.

The Spending Review is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

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Published by Ms Moem

Ms Moem is an English poet. Since 2007, she has taken thousands of commissions for personalised poetry. Bespoke poems make the best personalised gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more! Commmission your personalised poem today!

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