Chilean Miners Rescue

Chilean Miners Rescue – A Poem

Just after 7am this morning, there was boundless jubilation
As the fourth of the Chilean Miners, was freed from incarceration.
They braved a treacherous journey, to re-emerge from beneath;
Their families waiting proudly, their faces telling stories of relief.

The number of days they have been trapped, now totals sixty-nine
Which I imagine is not an ideal stay inside a claustrophobic mine.
There’s lots of talk of detachment, and post traumatic stress
But the fact that they are alive and well, should be counted as success.

This is absolutely epic, and a well-televised operation,
And we’ve had up-to-date press coverage, throughout the entire duration.
The world is following closely as these miners’ rescue is shown
And whilst we wait for them all to be freed, I want to wish them a safe journey home.

Chilean Miners Rescue is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

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