Be – Poem

Be brilliant. Be funny.
Be adventurous. Be exciting.
Be confident. Be inquisitive.
Be warm. Be inviting.
Be happy. Be grateful.
Be willing. Be brave.
Be bold. Be inspiring.
Be remarkable, but behave.
Be nice and be giving.
Be sensitive. Be caring.
Be proud and be honourable.
Be open. Be sharing.
Be smart and be curious.
Be trustworthy. Be cool.
Be wise, be ambitious
And be nobody’s fool.
Be calm, be determined
Be eloquent. Be measured.
Be knowledgeable. Be humble.
Be gracious. Be pleasured.
Be marvellous. Be accepting.
Be empathetic. Be true.
Be thoughtful. Be faithful.
Be awesome. Be you.

Be is a poem written by Ms Moem.

be you - poem quote Ms Moem

Hold My Hand Mummy

hold my hand mummy poem by english poet Ms Moem

Hold My Hand Mummy

Hold my hand mummy
And show me the way
So that I can go out
In the big world one day.
Teach me the basics
And then let me learn.
Should I ever get stuck
I’ll know just where to turn.
Cheer me up mummy
When I’m feeling blue.
I can always rely
On a kind word from you.
Dry my tears mummy
When I’m feeling sad.
Let me know it’s okay
And I won’t feel so bad.
Show me the sunshine
And then set me free
To be the brilliant person
That you raised me to be.

© Hold My Hand Mummy is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Free | Poem

Free - poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

What gives us personality?
What encourages conversation?
What helps you to be comfortable
Yet allows for exploration?
What makes us unique?
What gives us a choice?
What allows us to be quiet
Or use the gift our voice?

Every decision is a fork in the road.
Each path that you take can be confidently strode.
Never let fear stop you
From doing the things you choose.
We regret the things we don’t do
So what have we to lose.

What eats apprehension
To let our dreams be made?
What makes you step forward
To make bad times fade?

What brings us to life?
What allows us to see?
What’s the ultimate attribute?
It is that we are free.

Free is a poem about life written by Ms Moem.

Designed For Life ~ A Poem

designed for life by ms moem -a poem for inspiration and motivation

Designed For Life

Be your own inspiration!
When times seem bleak or tough,
When you’re looking for motivation
Or proof that you are enough.
You trust your individual components;
Your eyes, your fingers, your brain.
You know those parts do what they’re meant to do.
See your whole being as the same!
Know there is strength inside you.
Know with each beat of your heart
That you can do what you are meant to do;
All you have to do is start.

Designed For Life is a short poem written by Ms Moem.