Ripples | a poem

ripples poem by ms moem - poem about thinking positively in life


Life plays out in ripples
From all we do and say.
Each of us has an impact
Just living day to day.
Though the way that we are
Is all we can control,
We are drops in an ocean
That we should consider our whole.
Positivity and its opposite
Are so easily spread
Through variable actions
And words that are said.
Bring out other’s sunshine
And help diffuse their tension.
Make words spoken about you
Have nothing bad to mention.
Find the joy in life
Through the little things you do
And remind yourself daily
That you’re lucky to be you!
So be a beacon of light
That cuts through the dark.
Let your ripples be love
So only good can take spark.

Ripples is a short poem by Ms Moem

Stay Wild | A Poem

Stay wild poem by ms moem

Stay Wild

You were not born a statue
Nor rooted like a tree.
You were born a wild one;
A spirit pure and free.

No cage should hold you captive.
No title should define.
You’re flexible and fluid,
So can change at any time.

With nothing set in stone
And so much to explore
Wander down a million paths
And rattle every door.

Never stop adventuring.
Embrace your inner child.
Stay fearless & stay curious.
Stay positive. Stay wild.

Stay Wild is a short poem about life by English poet, Ms Moem. © All rights reserved.

If you would like a copy of this poem to print and hang on your walls, you can find an instant download here:

Mind Reader | Poem

mind reader poem by English poet Ms Moem

Mind Reader

Sometimes I like to assume that others can read minds
So when I’m standing there in front of them, saying that I’m fine
That they’d say to me, now really, you don’t have to pretend.
I can see something is bugging you. Come on, tell me, I’m your friend.
But of course they never say that as of course I never said
As I prefer to leave things simmering and multiplying in my head.

Mind Reader is a short poem by English poet, Ms Moem. © All rights reserved.

Small Town

small town lyrical poem by engliash poet Ms Moem

Small Town

I remember that summer
A lifetime ago.
You were a boy
I couldn’t wait to get to know.
I was but a girl.
We both were so young.
Mistakes yet to make…
A lifetime to come…

It feels like only yesterday that I last spoke to you…
Now you’re a small town rumour, but I’m sure it can’t be true…

You smiled when you saw me
And I smiled too.
Our last conversation;
If only I knew.
I might’ve used your nickname
Like I did years before
But I’m glad we said goodbye
Before you headed out the door.

It feels like only yesterday that I last spoke to you…
Now you’re a small town rumour, that I’m praying isn’t true.

The news spread like whispers
Around this small town.
So long, see you later.
Won’t see you around.
I never imagined
It would go this way.
Can’t quite believe it…
Don’t know what to say…

It feels like only yesterday that I last spoke to you…
Now you’re a small town rumour, and I’m so sad that it’s true.

Small Town is a short poem by Ms Moem.

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