Be – Poem

Be brilliant. Be funny.
Be adventurous. Be exciting.
Be confident. Be inquisitive.
Be warm. Be inviting.
Be happy. Be grateful.
Be willing. Be brave.
Be bold. Be inspiring.
Be remarkable, but behave.
Be nice and be giving.
Be sensitive. Be caring.
Be proud and be honourable.
Be open. Be sharing.
Be smart and be curious.
Be trustworthy. Be cool.
Be wise, be ambitious
And be nobody’s fool.
Be calm, be determined
Be eloquent. Be measured.
Be knowledgeable. Be humble.
Be gracious. Be pleasured.
Be marvellous. Be accepting.
Be empathetic. Be true.
Be thoughtful. Be faithful.
Be awesome. Be you.

Be is a poem written by Ms Moem.

be you - poem quote Ms Moem

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