Bedtime Wishes || A Rhyming Poem For Children

Bedtime Wishes - poem for children by ms moem
Bedtime Wishes

When I go to sleep at night
Bathed in stars and palest light
I know an angel guards my room;
You might know him as the moon.
Without fail, as sun does set
My dreams and I are gently met
To be looked over all the way
Until we meet each bright new day.

Ms Moem

Bedtime Wishes is a short rhyming poem for children, copyright Ms Moem.

Note To Autumn | Poem

Hello Autumn. You’ve chilled the air,
Slowed the grass, stripped trees bare,
Crisped their leaves, skeletons exposed
And let Jack Frost come bite our toes.
First frost, first snow, hard rain, yet sun!
Experience weather, every one.
Your flame gives way to Winter’s grey;
Thank you Autumn for your display.

Note To Autumn is a rhyming poem about Autumn by Ms Moem.

National Poetry Day

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Happy Mother’s Day

Whose is the heart that
bursts with pride each time
she sees your face

Whose are the eyes that
dart about to check your world
is safe

Whose are the arms that wrap
you up and hold you tight
and close

Whose is the love that’s always
there whenever you need it

Whose is the smile
that lights the room when
you are smiling too

Whose shoulder is the place to be
when only a cuddle
will do

Whose chest is warm and
comforting when you’re a
weary soul

Whose motivation only has
your happiness as
her goal

Whose are the tears that
cry for you as you grow
old and free

Whose is the heart that aches
so much in the space that you
should be

Whose is the head that knows that
you must find your path

Whose is the voice that welcomes you
each time you go back

Who could have so many facets
that make her oh-so

Who has you on her mind each
day and today we

Whose hands hold and guide
you in a way unlike

All these are part and parcel
of the joys of being a

A Mother’s Love is a poem written by Ms Moem in honour of Mother’s Day.

Please do feel free to share this mother’s day poem.

Mother’s Day can have a different side ~ if like me, you are missing your Mum on Mother’s Day, this poem might resonate with you.

Missing Mum is a poem written by Ms Moem.