Doodle | Poem

doodle poem by english poet Ms Moem


I took my pen.
I drew you out.
I got you wrong.
I rubbed you out.
I honed my craft.
I tried again.
I failed with mice
And then with men
And then with landscapes
Laced with trees.
Where others seemed to draw with ease
My lines were sloppy,
Colours weak,
Your essence greyed,
Left incomplete.

Doodle is a short poem by English poet, Ms Moem. © All rights reserved.

The Love Of A Child | A Poem For Parents

The Love Of A Child - a poem for parents about parenting - by English poet, Ms Moem. Nothing compares to the pure love between parent and child.

The Love Of A Child

They’re not looking for perfection
You’re their parent; their all.
They just want to know they’re loved
And that you’ll come when they call.
They don’t look at you in horror
When you haven’t brushed your hair.
In fact, they don’t care what you look like;
They just love that you are there.
They look to you for answers,
Perhaps a million questions a day
Because you’re their source of wisdom
So it matters what you say.
It’s not about status
Or diamonds and gold.
It’s about genuine smiles
And a warm hand to hold.
And they look to you for kindness;
For unconditional love.
You are mum. You are dad.
You are more than enough!

The Love Of A Child is a poem for parents, written by Ms Moem. © All rights reserved.

the love of a child - poem for fathers and mothers about the best gift that life can give you - by English poet, Ms Moem @msmoem

Wedding Poetry Calligraphy Installation

Absolutely honoured to see my poetry included in this gorgeous wedding calligraphy installation.

wedding poetry calligraphy wedding backdrop - poem by Ms Moem - design and styling by Suzanne Oddy

The words are a snippet of my wedding poem called ‘I Promise’, which is available as a video on youtube.

The writing, design and styling by Suzanne Oddy is just glorious! Check out my post on my facebook page where I have shared Suzanne’s post which includes her video of the installation!

Love love love!

Showing You My Love

We are brought up to believe that love is something you feel
but to experience true love, you need to be shown that it’s real.
You can hold love in your heart, though you can’t hold it in your hand
And it takes somebody using their actions for you to truly understand.
Love lies in caring for another, to make their smile your world.
Love does not discriminate; it touches boys and girls.
It can make a grown man weep. It can make a woman strong.
Love can make you feel at home and it can make you feel you belong.
It’s not just the massive gestures, sometimes small things are enough.
Just being there for somebody can make them feel your love.
It’s not a scientific equation. It’s not cultivated or grown.
But for certain, love can be visible, if only it is shown.

Showing You My Love is a short poem © Ms Moem.

If you would like to use this poem at your wedding, please drop me a line and let me know! If you would like to buy a printable copy of Showing You My Love, you can find it here:

This can be used to print out a copy to give to your registrar and your chosen poem reader, as well as to print and frame to have as a keepsake after your wedding day has passed.

Showing You My Love ~ a wedding poem written by English Poet, Ms Moem.

Back To Being Human

Back To Being Human ~ a poem by Ms Moem

Back To Being Human

Let’s get back to being human
as we lost it some way back.
We devolved to war and warriors;
let’s regain the human track.

Let’s get back to being human.
It’s who we’re meant to be.
It’s true that we are complex
but we can live in harmony.

Let’s get back to being human.
What does that mean to you?
Is it wrapped up in your words or thoughts
and all the things you do?

Let’s get back to being human.
I really feel we should
as what it means to be human
is coursing through our blood.

© Ms Moem

The Depths Of Your Love

Let me measure the depths;
the depths of your love
I could compare it oceans
but it would never be enough.

Let me conquer the heights;
the heights of your love.
I’ll take time to scale your mountain
and I don’t want to rush.

Let me wonder at your magnificence
and take in all the sights.
Let me be your quiet moments
and let me live your days and nights.

© Ms Moem