Showing You My Love

We are brought up to believe that love is something you feel
but to experience true love, you need to be shown that it’s real.
You can hold love in your heart, though you can’t hold it in your hand
And it takes somebody using their actions for you to truly understand.
Love lies in caring for another, to make their smile your world.
Love does not discriminate; it touches boys and girls.
It can make a grown man weep. It can make a woman strong.
Love can make you feel at home and it can make you feel you belong.
It’s not just the massive gestures, sometimes small things are enough.
Just being there for somebody can make them feel your love.
It’s not a scientific equation. It’s not cultivated or grown.
But for certain, love can be visible, if only it is shown.

Showing You My Love is a short poem © Ms Moem.

If you would like to use this poem at your wedding, please drop me a line and let me know! If you would like to buy a printable copy of Showing You My Love, you can find it here:

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Showing You My Love ~ a wedding poem written by English Poet, Ms Moem.