Hold My Hand, My Love ~ Wedding Vows

Hold My Hand My Love - wedding vos wedding poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

Hold My Hand My Love

Hold my hand, my love.
Today as we commit
I promise to be there for you
For the good and bad bits.

I will try to encourage you;
To be the rock you are for me
And I’ll always have in mind
The way you like things to be.

I will try to be positive;
To support and inspire
And I’ll protect the precious spark
Of our intimate desire.

Then when you need a shoulder
You’ll feel my embrace
And as we both get older
I promise I’ll still love your face.

I pledge my heart to you
As we write our future together
And these are my promises
For now and forever.

Hold My Hand My Love is a wedding vows poem by Ms Moem. ©

A Poem About School

“I don’t want to go” he said from his bed
“I’d rather stay home and eat ice cream instead.
I can’t stand the teachers and the kids are as bad
And that’s without mentioning their mums and their dads.
The dinners are nasty. They make me feel sick.
And there’s always some joker with a plethora of tricks.
The playground’s unfriendly and inhabited by bullies
And they pick on me daily, which is a bit of a worry;
They all call me names and say they’re going to hurt me.
Oh, and the toilets are smelly and also quite dirty.
I think that I’ve learned all I’ll ever know
And nobody likes me so I am not going to go.”
His wife rolled her eyes as she stood at the door.
“But darling, you’re headmaster. That’s what you’re paid for!”

A Poem About School ~ written by Ms Moem.

funny poem about school written by Ms Moem

Epilogue ~ A Wedding Poem

Epilogue - A Wedding Poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

One day they’ll write our epilogue
and I want it to say
that this pair stuck together
for all of their days.
They loved one another;
they made a great team,
they shared hopes and goals
and went after their dreams.
They weathered the storms,
made hay in the sun,
saw family and friends
and always had fun
but above all I hope
that when it comes to it
if asked to repeat time
we’d be happy to do it.

Epilogue is a wedding poem written by Ms Moem.

If you want to use this poem at your wedding as a wedding reading, please do drop me a line and let me know! I’d love to wish you luck for your special day.

If you like this wedding poem, you may be interested in my book of Modern Wedding Poems which is available on Amazon and Waterstones.

perfect wedding reading - epilogue - wedding poem by ms moem

Totally Talented Tris Rossin

I was fortunate enough a while back to work with the totally talented professional illustrator, Tris Rossin, to explore a concept I had for a children’s picture book.

These original artworks are too fabulous to keep hidden away so I would like to share them here.

professional illustration by Tris Rossin for a picture book concept by Ms Moem

witch childrens picture book digital illustration by Tris Rossin work in progress ~ from a concept by Ms Moem

Digital illustration and traditional watercolour illustration ~ Tris commands both equally brilliantly!

witch picture book watercolour illustration by Tris Rossin ~ concept by Ms Moem

witch childrens picture book watercolour illustration by Tris Rossin ~ from a concept by Ms Moem

childrens picture book owl watercolour illustration by Tris Rossin ~ from a concept by Ms Moem

If you are into high end illustrations, do check out Tris on twitter @LemonjeIIy. He takes commissions and I can honestly say I never fail to be blown away by the work he puts out!

As an aside, I went on to create a clay model of the house in my story, based on Tris’ illustration! It is less than two inches high. Such fun.

clay model based on an illustration by Tris Rossin ~ created for a picture book concept by Ms Moem

Love giving different creative muscles a flex! 🙂

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