Handlettered Poem ~ I Choose You Wedding Poem

handlettered poem ~ i choose you ~ wedding poem ~ by English poet, Ms Moem ~ modern calligraphy @msmoem

I’ve been loving experimenting with handlettering and modern calligraphy.

This is my latest work of art. It is a handlettered copy of my wedding poem ‘I Choose You‘.

I love the way it came out. It has added a new artistic angle to my poetry!

All the colours of the rainbow – perfect for a bright, festival, summer wedding:


And look how fabulous it looks in black and neon pink:

As ever, if you would like to use this poem at your wedding, please do drop me a line and let me know.

I love hearing what my poems get up to when I am not looking.

I think I will definitely be creating more handlettered pieces.

One last colourway ~ something blue:

something blue ~ wedding poem by ms moem~ i choose you ~ hand lettered calligraphy

Alternatively, if you would like me to write a custom poem for your wedding, get in touch with me via iwantapoem.com!

Harry Potter Blackout Poetry | Found Poem

A found poem in the form of blackout poetry:

Look ordinary.
Be magic.

– Ms Moem

Created from a page of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling.

I haven’t done any blackout poetry before, but I think I might like it. I have tried a couple of styles.

The first is plain, though not black, as such.


This second piece of blackout poetry is a little more whimsical and colourful.

harry potter found poem quote colour blackout poem

Which do you prefer?

Always good to try a new way of working with words.

Great fun!

Expect more blackout and found poems.


If you are looking to add a little colour to your world, check out my colouring books on Amazon!

Add A Little Colour

Add A Little Colour Mandalas

My First Adult Colouring Book

adult colouring book by Ms Moem ~ available on amazon ~ Add A Little Colour

Super excited to share a little project I have been working on with you ~ my first colouring book.

It should be available across all of amazon, so if you are not based in the UK simply do a search for Add A Little Colour Colouring Book and it should bring it up!

If you get it and like it, please do share your artworks with me on twitter and instagram!

my first colouring book - ms moem

Pencil Illustration ~ Digital Colouring

pencil illustration with digital colouring by ms moem @msmoem

In my ‘teach yourself illustration’ journey, I am enjoying drawing in pencil then bringing the piece into the computer to colour it digitally and add a bit of texture. I think it has worked quite well on this piece. What do you think?

Check out some of my other art works:

Gary The Dragon
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