Belle Illustration – Beauty And The Beast – Colour Collective

Belle Illustration - beauty and the beast inspired colour collective piece for the colour deep koamaru - illustration by Ms Moem @msmoem #colour_collective #artwork #galaxypainting

I last took part in the colour collective just before they took their winter break, and somehow, the beginning of March is upon us.

For this piece, I chose to illustrate Belle from Beauty and The Beast (the 2017 film is out in a fortnight) and I used the colour as the background, to really make her colour pop.

The scan wasn’t the best but I quite like this illustration.

This is quite a mixed media illustration. I sketched Belle in pencil first before colouring her in with watercolour paint and a little bit of crayon.

The galaxy was painted with watercolours.

Then I scanned the two separate illustrations into my computer and laid them over the back ground with a couple of tweaks.

I think this would be a good piece to come back to when I have progressed a little further. If my linework was stronger, I feel that would improve the quality of my illustrations. Always good to have something to work on!

But over all, for what I think I’m right in saying is my 4th colour collective illustration, I am fairly happy with my Belle illustration! Check out the #colour_collective hashtag on twitter if you haven’t already!

Watercolour Illustration #Colour_Collective

There’s a hashtag for an illustration community on twitter, that set weekly challenges for illustrators to join in with.

I dipped my toe in the #colour_collective for the first time last Friday. This was my entry!

watercolour illustration by ms moem ~ #colour_collective entry prompt ~ warm grey

What do you think?

Playing with watercolour paints is one of my favourite hobbies at present. That and handlettering & modern calligraphy.

Do you express your creativity through different mediums or are you focussed on just one?

I have found that my poetry seems to flow in a different direction. Perhaps trying new things helps your brain find new channels and seeds of thoughts, I don’t know, but that’s how it seems to work for me.

Even putting some different music on can slighter change the way I feel, so it stands to reason that so many variables can come into play.

I am starting to feel a bit more confident with watercolours. I’ve not been using them seriously for too long, but there is certainly a lot to learn.

Getting involved with challenges like the colour collective are a fabulous way to find inspiration and practice at the same time.

Totally Talented Tris Rossin

I was fortunate enough a while back to work with the totally talented professional illustrator, Tris Rossin, to explore a concept I had for a children’s picture book.

These original artworks are too fabulous to keep hidden away so I would like to share them here.

professional illustration by Tris Rossin for a picture book concept by Ms Moem

witch childrens picture book digital illustration by Tris Rossin work in progress ~ from a concept by Ms Moem

Digital illustration and traditional watercolour illustration ~ Tris commands both equally brilliantly!

witch picture book watercolour illustration by Tris Rossin ~ concept by Ms Moem

witch childrens picture book watercolour illustration by Tris Rossin ~ from a concept by Ms Moem

childrens picture book owl watercolour illustration by Tris Rossin ~ from a concept by Ms Moem

If you are into high end illustrations, do check out Tris on twitter @LemonjeIIy. He takes commissions and I can honestly say I never fail to be blown away by the work he puts out!

As an aside, I went on to create a clay model of the house in my story, based on Tris’ illustration! It is less than two inches high. Such fun.

clay model based on an illustration by Tris Rossin ~ created for a picture book concept by Ms Moem

Love giving different creative muscles a flex! 🙂

Watercolor Illustrated Poem Quote

Take the leap - own the sky - poem quote and watercolour illustration by Ms Moem, English Poet. @MsMoem

This quote is a snippet of a poem I wrote. I decided it might suit being jazzed up with a bit of illustration, and watercolour at that!

I’m still very much in beginner territory when it comes to watercolour painting, so I am quite pleased at how it has turned out. It has already inspired me to create more along the same line, so I hope they might be well-received.

There’s something terribly therapeutic about painting and I really enjoyed being creative in a different way, so along the same theme as the poem quote above, if there is something you want to do or try, take the leap and give it a whirl!

Pencil Illustration ~ Digital Colouring

pencil illustration with digital colouring by ms moem @msmoem

In my ‘teach yourself illustration’ journey, I am enjoying drawing in pencil then bringing the piece into the computer to colour it digitally and add a bit of texture. I think it has worked quite well on this piece. What do you think?

Check out some of my other art works:

Gary The Dragon
The Rainy Day


Starlight ~ a poem by Ms Moem @MsMoem ~ she is the light of his life.In my journey of creating picture book illustrations, here’s a short and sweet poem I have called ‘Starlight’.

What do you think about the picture? Do you think it complements the verse?

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