Ms Moem Meets Theo Paphitis Part 2

So I travelled down to Manchester and met the fabulous Mr P
And d’you know I was ecstatic, thought I was as happy as can be…
But it kept on on getting better, and the day had me enraptured
When Mr P then tweeted the world, images he’d had captured!

Theo Paphitis Tweets Picture Of His Reaction Meeting Ms Moem

He asks “Who recognises this twitter regular?” – Oh my word, I know!
Theo Paphitis’ reaction face, delighted me more than he’ll ever know
And then, whilst I was beaming, thinking this has to be the best day EVER
Mr P tweeted and iced the cake, with a fabulous picture of us together!

Theo Paphitis Tweets Pic Of Ms Moem

Captured by his personal photographer, I truly nearly dropped to the floor;
It had made my day just to meet him, but tweeting pictures added a whole lot more.
The magnitude of this gesture, is mind blowing, pure and true
So thanks a million Mr; fab pic of your mini moem & you!

When Theo Paphitis Met Ms Moem

boux avenue purchases

So I simply must tell you about what a fab day it was for me;
Today I went to Boux Avenue and met up with Mr P!!!
What an absolute honour, and a pleasure and delight
And I am sure I will be squealing for the rest of the night!

when theo paphitis met ms moem

Here’s the fabulous reaction captured at that very second;
I’d already browsed the store before the perfect opportunity beckoned.
I introduced myself to him, and he said “Is that you?” no less!!
And he even thought to mention, I was one of his first winning #SBS.

Theo Paphitis And Ms Moem

The epitome of a gentleman, he was charming and debonair
And having witnessed Boux Avenue’s birth, it was quite magical to be there.
It was actually rather surreal, but it fulfilled one of my wishes
And I’ll never wash my cheeks again, from all of Theo’s kisses! 🙂

ms moem buys from boux avenue

The store is simply luscious, and the staff are top of the league;
It all seemed to go like clock-work, and it’s so pretty, you wouldn’t believe.
I made my first Boux Avenue purchase and recommend that you do the same;
Everyone needs a little Boux in their life, the new buzz word in the lingerie game.

theo paphitis boux avenue

The changing rooms are luxurious, and the lingerie is divine,
So, beside meeting Mr Paphitis, I had great retail-therapy time.
There’s something in there for everyone, and if you can’t get to a store
You can also shop via the website; well, what more could you wish for!

boux avenue store trafford centre

So thank you Mr Paphitis, it was a pleasure to be part of today;
I had my own ideas of what you’d be like, but you exceeded them in every way.
I’m actually still so excited, that I’m going to have to come to the end of this poem
But I never will forget the moment that Theo Paphitis first met Ms Moem!

ms moem meets theo paphitis

Theo Paphitis is seen here holding his very own mini moem, commission yours today!

Harnessing The Power Of Twitter For Japan

Harnessing the power of Twitter, we can show support in real time;
This has been superbly demonstrated by a chap known as @etcetconline.
Whilst the news of Japan’s Tsunami washed around the world seconds,
For this chap and a friend or two, ideas quickly beckoned.

Thousands of pounds of donations came swiftly from the off;
Followed by an ingenious idea, to create a business box.
Entrepreneurial leaders donated services to go within
Now it is crammed with bountiful goodness, for one business start-up to win.

T-Shirts have also been printed, with the heart of Japan boldly showing
And I’m proud to say that their backs are adorned with my supporting poem.
These are available to purchase, so please do buy one if you can
And show your support etc, as we harness the power of Twitter for Japan.

Harnessing The Power Of Twitter For Japan is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may only be reproduced with credit to Ms Moem and a link to

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Start Up Britain

Start Up Britain is making waves for all the wrong reasons;
This is not a new issue, but it appears on trend this season.
Silently, for many years there have been dedicated teams
Providing support to people persuing their own business dreams.

Imagine all of Britain’s entrepreneurs stood in one place;
Metaphorically speaking, we could call it the coal face.
We are the people who’ll restore the UK’s heart;
Ready to collaborate, with everyone playing a part.

If you’re a business start-up, looking to be refined
There’s plenty of knowledge out there, within the collaborative mind.
Consider business networking, a mentor, or a silent partner,
And instead of working harder, we should all be working Smarta!

So yes, if you’re a start-up, then stand up and be counted;
The sum of our individual parts could never be surmounted.
Take the sentiment of Start Up Britain, and add your own unique flair,
As enterprise is essential is help our country’s economy repair.

Start Up Britain is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without the express permission of Ms Moem.

Born To Be Me – A Poem

Born To Be Me | Ms Moem

Poetry is a beautifully expressive art form. I first got into poetry as a child because it helped me to make sense of the world around me. Now I write poetry for everyone, as individual and personal as they are themselves! If you would like a poem to capture the essence of you, Ms Moem would be delighted to write for you. Commission your poem today!

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Born To Be Me

I was born to be somebody.
I was born to excel.
I was born to enjoy all the things I do well.

I was born to be somebody.
I was born to be proud.
I was born to write poetry to be spoken out loud.

I was born to be somebody.
I was born to live life.
I was born to be a mother, and a friend, and a Wife.

I was born to be somebody.
Who were you born to be?
I was born to be somebody; I was born to be me.

Born To Be Me is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without the express permission of Ms Moem.

Ode In Memory Of Elizabeth Taylor

Glittering lights extinguished and we’re left with the dark,
As Dame Elizabeth Taylor died on the 23rd of March.
She was a veritable legend, an icon, a gem;
Celebrated worldwide, loved by ladies and men.

Born on February the 27th, in 1932
Becoming a Hollywood Great was what she was destined to do.
From British beginnings, America beckoned
And she became a force with whom to be reckoned.

Along with her career, she had a rich family life;
She gave the world 4 children and was eight-times a wife.
10 great-grandchildren followed after she turned 39
And our thoughts go to her family at this difficult time.

Actress and mother,grandmother, wife and friend;
How sad this lady’s life has now come to an end.
Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of fame
And the world now unites to say goodbye to the Dame.

Ode In Memory Of Elizabeth Taylor is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

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Support Japan

Support Japan, A Poem

Scenes of devastation and innocent lives are lost;
Unite around the world, to give support at any cost.
Please help by donating, your pennies, cents and yen
Perhaps to make a difference to the affected women and men.
Ordinary people have had their whole life washed away;
Ruefully sifting the rubble, for their loved ones gone astray.
To keep on fighting forwards, what resilience it takes
Japan’s people shall not crumble, though the earth may forcefully shake.
As the world looks on in anguish, Japan shall rise once more;
Potent seas shall not erase all that has been worked for.
Any size donation is welcome, please give freely, it’s not much!
Never underestimate the power of giving; it has a healing touch.

Support Japan is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

International Women’s Day | A Poem

Today is a celebration for women all around the world;
Ladies who’ve dared to dream big, ever since they were little girls.
For the diversity and talents that lie within a feminine heart;
For the courage and determination that prevents us falling apart.

We can raise families and build businesses and be proud of all we’ve achieved
Where once over, visions of that scale, could never have been believed.
Ladies, stand up and be counted, smile at how far we have come
And cherish every single day, whether daughter, wife, or mum.

Don’t let anybody tell you that there are set paths for you to follow
As a little girl with a dream, is an inspiring woman of tomorrow.
So celebrate all women, and acknowledge the great things they do
And tell a lady close to your heart, just how much she means to you.

International Women’s Day is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

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Or perhaps you know a lady, who if she can help, she will.
Or perhaps there is a woman that you just feel honoured to know;
Why not tell me all about her, by leaving a comment below!

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A photoshoot was called for, to celebrate my illamasqua win
So I was styled and made-up beautifully before we could begin.
The red is deep and sensual, and deserves to be on show;
I was thrilled with the results, so see for yourself below!


Thanks go to Joyce of Brides And Beauty for giving me the opportunity to win such gorgeous make up!

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