Derwent Poem Commission For The Royal Wedding

The Majestic Derwent Royal Wedding Poem Scroll

To commemorate the Royal Wedding, is a commission unlike any other
As William & Catherine will make history as they declare their love for each other.
I was commissioned by Derwent to write a commemorative bespoke poem;
This world renowned company was thrilled to work with Ms Moem.

royal wedding poetry commission

The poem is written on a scroll, presented in a maple box
Filled with 500 pencils, which is really rather a lot.
The collection is called The Majestic and it looks rather regal indeed;
What more could any newlywed Duke or Duchess of Cambridge possibly need?

The Majestic by Derwent

With just 500 boxes created, it is a true limited edition
With a Royal couple and their children within it’s future vision
As the 1st of the 500 will be presented to the couple themselves
Perhaps becoming a cherished heirloom to keep upon their Royal shelves.

The Majestic Royal Wedding Commemorative Box

Derwent have been celebrating the Royals since before Victoria came to the throne
And so it’s an honour to be involved, with a poetic contribution of my own.
So check out The Majestic and tell me what you think of the poem
And enter the Royal Wedding Giveaway from Derwent and Ms Moem.

The Majestic Derwent Poem Scroll and Portrait

To read the full poem commissioned by Derwent for their Royal Wedding Commemorative Box called “The Majestic” – visit the Derwent Blog.

commission a bespoke poem

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