Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s Royal Wedding

maple trees inside westminster abbey royal wedding

Catherine Middleton was determined to celebrate in her own style
And so rows of beautiful maple trees, flank Westminster Abbey’s aisle.

royal wedding of catherine and william westminster abbey

Westminster Abbey is stunning and befitting of this Royal pair
The atmosphere will be electric, how I wish I could be there!

david beckham at the Royal Wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William

Arriving at the Royal Wedding, David Beckham looked rather divine
William and Catherine’s unison is the epitome of modern times.

catherine middleton hairdresser royal wedding

The hairdresser of Catherine Middleton, appeared on our TV;
Pre-recorded, without a hint of how our Bride’s hair will be.

crowds in hyde park for the royal wedding

Crowds gather in Hyde Park for this very Royal occasion
Some have been there for days; now, that’s hardcore dedication!

Prince William on the way to the royal wedding

william and harry royal wedding

royal wedding prince harry

royal wedding first glimpse catherine middleton

royal wedding bridesmaids

royal wedding catherine middleton

catherine middleton royal wedding

prince william tells catherine middleton she is beautiful at the altar royal wedding

When Catherine Middleton reached the altar, William beamed at her in pride
And William mouthed “You’re beautiful” to his clearly besotted Bride!
If I hadn’t already shed a tear, the time would’ve been now
And so I listened enchanted as they said their Royal Wedding vows.

the royal wedding vows

commission a bespoke poem

royal wedding picture of the crowds

royal wedding the kiss image

When it comes to Royal Weddings, it just simply doesn’t get better than this
And the fairytale Royal ending, comes to us with the Royal Wedding kiss!

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