Hold My Hand My Son


Hold My Hand, My Son

Hold my hand, my son,
Let me show you the way,
To live and to love,
To work and to play,
To dream and imagine,
To chill and to grow;
I’ll be with you, dear son,
No matter where you go.
Hold my hand, my son
And let us go explore.
Let us read epic stories
And then live a few more.
Let us spend time with family
As well as with each other.
I couldn’t be more proud
To say that I am your mother.
So hold my hand, my son,
And thanks for making me your mum.
You are my universe;
My earth, moon and sun.

© Hold My Hand My Son || a poem for mums of sons, by English poet, Ms Moem.

A Town You’ve Never Heard Of | Poem

a town you've never heard of - poem by english poet ms moem

A Town You’ve Never Heard Of

In a town you’ve never heard of
lives a chap you’ll never know.
He heads to work each morning
at a place you’ll never go.
he weaves between more strangers
before he comes to rest
at a corner no-one sees
then he sits down at his desk.
He does work that you won’t care about
and probably, nor does he,
but he dutifully continues
’til the time that he’s set free.
But by that time it’s dark
and he’s got to get back home
for another hurried evening
just sitting all alone,
Suppressing all his hopes & dreams.
He dare not let it show
But in his sleep he dreams about
a town he’ll never know.

A Town You’ve Never Heard Of is short thoughtful poem by English poet, Ms Moem. © All rights reserved.

Best Friend Friendship Poem

best friend friendship poem by english poet ms moem

I really hope you like this best friend friendship poem. If you do and you would like to give a copy to your friend, you can find an instant download to purchase and print yourself, on my etsy store.

You can even personalize it by signing it with your name too!


All poems on this poetry blog is © Ms Moem unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

We Are Home | Wedding Poem

we are home wedding poem by ms moem

We Are Home

Comfortable and inviting,
It’s where I want to be.
It’s where I go when I feel low
To help replenish me.
It’s safe, and yet exciting,
The place I love the most.
It makes me want to never leave;
To always keep it close.
It holds so much potential,
My favourite place I’ve been.
It’s warm and super cosy.
The place of all my dreams.
I love the way it feels
So familiar and secure.
It seems quite clear, what I have here
Some search a lifetime for.
And I can be myself here
Without pretence or fuss.
Some people call it home
But I simply call it us.

© We Are Home is a wedding poem written by English poet, Ms Moem.

If you use this as your wedding poem, do drop me aline and let me know. I love to see where my poems get to when I am not looking!

And if you would like to purchase a copy of this poem, either to print and frame in your home or to give to the person doing your wedding reading, you can find an instant download on my etsy store.

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