Family Is For Life | A Rhyming Poem

Family is for life!

Family Is For Life

In life, there are few constants.
We face the ebb and flow.
Situations happen.
People come and go.
But when you count your blessings
You’ll see, in joy and strife,
One thing you can rely on;
Family is for life!

© Family Is For Life is a short rhyming poem by English Poet Ms Moem.

Family Is For Life - short rhyming oem by Ms Moem @msmoem

Life In Colour

life in colour poem

Life is all about colour. From what we see all around us, to what we add with our words and feelings, life crosses every colour on the spectrum.

Just like words, colours can convey emotions and sentiments. They can lift us up and calm us down. They can make us stand out, or make us fit in. They can bring us together, and sometimes sadly divide.

Diversity is the spice of life. Embrace all colours! Have you got a favourite, and if so, what do you like about it, and how does it make you feel?


A Life In Colour

The pink of your cheeks
when the cold wind bites.
The intricacy of your iris
against the blank of the white.
The blue of a mood
that is saddened and dull.
The golden jubilation
of a cup half full.
The rainbow of joy.
The darkness of sorrow.
The green eye of the monster
who consumes your
todays and tomorrows.
The silver of wisdom;
The green shoots that thrive.
Embrace every colour
For they prove we’re alive.

A Life In Colour is a poem written by Ms Moem.

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A Poem Inspired By You Are Old Father William

This is a poem I wrote inspired by the classic poem ‘You Are Old Father William’ which featured in Alice in Wonderland.

My version of this famous poem is called ‘You Are Old Mother Dearest’.

You Are Old Mother Dearest

“You are old mother dearest,” my daughter said
“It’s a lifetime since you were at school.
And yet you can help with all homework I’m set
What makes you so wise and so cool?”

“In my youth,” I replied to my little girl
“My teachers would teach us by rote.
We’d recite our times tables, leaving us more than able
And even now I know Shakespeare’s greatest quotes.”

“You are old mother dearest, as I think I just said
And you know nothing of Kanye or Drake.
Yet when Kylie’s on you rush, to the mirror with a hairbrush
At your age, is that a wise action to take?”

“In my youth,” I said wistfully to my little girl
“An album was a cherished possession
So when I hear Miss Minogue, back to my youth I go
And it’s wonderful moment of regression.”

“You are old mother dearest, and the times have moved on
It seems style wasn’t something you were taught.
You’re no longer twenty two, nothing looks fashionable on you
And don’t you think that your skirt is a touch short?”

“In my youth,” I said dryly to my cheeky girl
“These legs were once a source of attraction
So while my face is heading south, I’ll keep getting my legs out
If only to serve as somewhat of a distraction.”

“You are old mother dearest,” my daughter went on
“And you wouldn’t know what passes for hot.
Yet you enthuse on the perfection of the boys in One Direction
Don’t you know you’re too old for that lot?”

“I have answered three questions, you cheeky young imp”
I said swiftly, “and now I am done!
You forget one day you, will be old like me too
And it’s surprising how quick that day comes!”

You Are Old Mother Dearest is a poem written by Ms Moem, and may only be used with attribution and a direct link back to the relevant article on


There’s certain kinds, you’ll know the sort
All provocation, the chat they talk.
Sat sussing you out with a single glance
Minds already made up not to give you a chance.

They’re causing offence at every turn and
Think there is nothing for them to learn
They’re cream of the crop and playing a game
Cutting you down for your class or your name.

Making snap judgements with sneers on their faces
Thinking they’re better with their airs and their graces.
Judging your background, and judging your clothes
How terribly limiting to have opinions like those.

Why determine an enemy, and enforce segregation?
Who made you judge and jury for today’s population?
If feeling superior is what makes you feel richer
I very much fear you are missing the bigger picture.

It’s a very negative energy and not what this world needs
No-body is born flawless, and everybody bleeds.
Whilst you’re up on your pedestal, kicking everybody down
Soon you’re left like an island, with nobody around.

Diversity enriches and gives us knowledge as well.
Every soul on this planet has a story to tell.
We all have this in common, we have one life to live
And it’s not the takers who are richest but instead those who give.

Having your nose is the air doesn’t make you better than anyone else
So before you hand out your judgements, take a good look at yourself.
In fact quit being being judgemental, and give others a chance
And try to get through the day without your judgeypants.

Judgeypants is a poem written by Ms Moem.

This poem was inspired by Katie Hopkins, who was on This Morning, talking to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield about she judges children by the names they are given and their class. Luckily she appeared alongside Anna May Mangan who gave a more rational opinion. If you haven’t seen the interview, you can find the video below!

You Deserve Love | A Poem

you deserve love poem

You deserve someone who fits you like a glove.
Crazy, mad, and passionate love.
You deserve somebody who makes your soul glow
Who takes the time to find out all there is to know.
Sensual, individual, perfect joy
Making you feel as excited as a little girl or boy.
Companionship and true loyalty
With a friendship that is as comfortable as can be.
They make you feel safe so your heart can open.
Trust given. Fear Broken.
Love can be experienced shared or alone
The love you are given will be the greatest you’ve ever known.

You Deserve Love | A Poem by Ms Moem.

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