Beyond The To-Do List ~ Poem

beyond the to-do list poem by ms moem

Beyond The To-Do List

Everything you’ve ever wanted lies
beyond your to-do list.
So don’t resist.
Each wish you’ve ever cast
All the hopes that you’ve amassed
No matter how daft.

Once you’ve written it down and made the plan
What happens next is all in your hands.

The list is not enough.
It can be tough to take action
But for your own satisfaction
Do what needs to be done.

In years to come
Imagine what you might say
If the list went unchecked
And your chance slipped away.
Then in the reverse
Wonder how it might be
If all your dreams came true
And at last you felt free.

You see, there are people in this world
Who we hold in esteem
As they seem to have it all;
They’re living OUR dreams.

But we’re forgetting their struggles
Their sacrifices. Their why.
And while we’re busy watching their magic
Our own time is slipping by.

So what’s on your list
And where will it take you?
Make an effort to make it.
Don’t simply make do.

Beyond The To-Do List is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Dear Me ~ Poem #DearMe

Dear Me poem by Ms Moem #DearMe

Dear Me,

I think I’d like to start by saying
love the skin you’re in.
You’re unique and this is your chance
to show what lies within.
I don’t think that you realise
you really are enough.
You’ll find you’re quite resilient
when times seem bleak or tough.

Dear Me,

Don’t try to hide yourself;
A young unconfident girl
is only ever a pen stroke away
from making her mark on the world.
You’ve got a voice, so use it
And make the most of your words.
Find time to listen to others.
Each one of us can be heard.

Dear Me,

Try to not hesitate
for in fear no freedom’s found.
Let your mind drift to the stratosphere
But keep your feet on the ground.

Dear Me,

One day you’ll tell yourself
that you are free to choose yourself.
To walk your path, there’s no-one else.
You need to walk alone.
Forget the past, resistance melts.
It’s not a game, no cards were dealt.
The tides will ebb and flow and swell
Then you’ll see you have grown.

Dear Me,

I hope one day you’ll know
that there are those who love you so.
Remember that if you feel low.
Open up more.
Oh my dear impressionable me,
have some faith and you will see
that good things come to those who try.
Don’t just sit there and
let life pass you by.

Love me. xxx

Dear Me poem is written by Ms Moem.

dear me

A Poem About Consent

yes without duress poem quote ms moem

A Poem About Consent

I want to be quite frank here.
Let’s talk about consent.
This doesn’t mean keep badgering
Until someone relents.
I’ll break it down a little more;
Let’s take it from the top.
You need to ask explicitly, and if there’s not a yes
Then stop.
There’s no room for uncertainty
So the second they say no
It doesn’t matter if you want it
The light’s not green for go.
For all sexual activity
You must be clear and sure
As without it, you’re an animal
On the wrong side of the law.
No minors can give their consent
No matter what they say
So make sure you have all the facts
Before you start to play.
It’s not the clothes a person wears
Or the way in which they act
Just assuming they are up for it
Does not make it a fact.
Flirty or suggestive behaviour
Is not an invitation.
Nothing must ever happen
Without an adult conversation.
If you are not mature enough
To talk this subject through,
Then really, it’s a no-go
And sex is not for you.
These intimate acts are a privilege.
It is rape if you take them by force.
An unwilling yes or silence
Is not consent of course.
In fact, even if you’re married
Or you’ve shared a bed before
That doesn’t automatically mean
It’s an ever open door.
Every time, you must ask outright
If they want to proceed with you.
You need a yes, without duress
And nothing less will do.
Make sure your partner is comfortable
At each step down the line.
Consent is not eternal
And can be withdrawn at any time.

A poem about consent written by Ms Moem.

consent poem by Ms Moem - be clear on consent - how not to be a rapist

Designed For Life ~ A Poem

designed for life by ms moem -a poem for inspiration and motivation

Designed For Life

Be your own inspiration!
When times seem bleak or tough,
When you’re looking for motivation
Or proof that you are enough.
You trust your individual components;
Your eyes, your fingers, your brain.
You know those parts do what they’re meant to do.
See your whole being as the same!
Know there is strength inside you.
Know with each beat of your heart
That you can do what you are meant to do;
All you have to do is start.

Designed For Life is a short poem written by Ms Moem.

Wounded ~ Poem

wounded poem by ms moem


To lose someone you love
Is to tear your world apart.
You step, when moving forward,
On the pieces of your heart.
You try to patch your injuries
To pull yourself together
But underneath your bandages
The cuts stay fresh forever.

Wounded is a short poem about losing someone you love, written by Ms Moem.

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