Wedding Poem | Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Wedding Poem ~ Today. Tomorrow. Forever by Ms Moem

Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Random moments and muddling along.
Finding ourselves, learning where we belong.
Sorting reality from what we expect.
Lives collide daily & sometimes we connect.

A glance, a chance, two paths, one road
A pair advance, they share a load
A love, a life, a first abode.
They share an understanding.
Effort divided equally
Without either one demanding.

He isn’t perfect but neither is she
They just love spending time together.
Life lived side-by-side is where they want to be.
Today, tomorrow & forever.

Today. Tomorrow. Forever. is a wedding poem written by Ms Moem.

If you use this poem as a wedding reading on your big day, do drop me a line and let me know!

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Forever | Fun Wedding Poem

forever wedding poem by ms moem


Will you love me when I’m ancient
Will you feel the same as today?
Will I still make you have butterflies
And feel proud in every way.

Will you still chat to me daily
And try to make me laugh?
Will you still give me a cuddle
And sneak a peek at me in the bath?

Will you still wake up each morning
And turn to me with a grin?
Will you still tell me I’m beautiful
And mean, outside and in.

Will you always want to hold me
And want me to feel blissfully safe?
Will you still know what I am thinking
Just by reading what lies on my face.

And if you still want to go ahead with this
Then here’s to our life together
So answer yes to all these questions
Then there’s no doubt this will last forever.

Forever is a wedding poem written by Ms Moem.

If you would like to purchase a printable copy of this poem that you can use for your wedding, to be able to give a copy to the person who will be reading at your wedding, and another to share with your registrar, you can find one here on my etsy store:

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