Twitter Is 7

twitter is seven ~ happy birthdaySeven years ago today
The very first tweet was sent.
Now over 200 million users
Participate in this social experiment.

With up to 140 characters
400 million tweets each day
Are sent across the platform
When people have something to say.

It’s never going to be detailed,
Yet it is informative & concise.
Having access 24/7
Is actually rather nice.

From big businesses and presidents
To thought-leaders and Mums
It seems everyone is interested
In this instant form of fun.

There are trending topics and hashtags
And it’s always mentioned on TV.
It has broken through many barriers
To become the success we now see.

So happy birthday Twitter;
You are really second to none!
7 tweet-filled years have flown by
So in dog years, that makes you one!

Twitter is 7 is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Budget Day 2013

It’s the 20th day of March
And that means it’s Budget Day.
The Chancellor’s primed his briefcase
And we await what he has to say.

There’s a rumoured break in fuel tax
And the tax threshold will be raised.
Both simple little sweeteners
For which they hope they will be praised.

There’s an awful lot of pressure
As the economy is fairly poor.
We’ve all been stretched to breaking point
And we can’t take any more.

So, will this be a brilliant budget,
Or will it make us groan?
Just one hope: make it matter
And leave our pasties alone!

Budget Day 2013 is a poem by Ms Moem.

Happy Mother’s Day

Whose is the heart that
bursts with pride each time
she sees your face

Whose are the eyes that
dart about to check your world
is safe

Whose are the arms that wrap
you up and hold you tight
and close

Whose is the love that’s always
there whenever you need it

Whose is the smile
that lights the room when
you are smiling too

Whose shoulder is the place to be
when only a cuddle
will do

Whose chest is warm and
comforting when you’re a
weary soul

Whose motivation only has
your happiness as
her goal

Whose are the tears that
cry for you as you grow
old and free

Whose is the heart that aches
so much in the space that you
should be

Whose is the head that knows that
you must find your path

Whose is the voice that welcomes you
each time you go back

Who could have so many facets
that make her oh-so

Who has you on her mind each
day and today we

Whose hands hold and guide
you in a way unlike

All these are part and parcel
of the joys of being a

A Mother’s Love is a poem written by Ms Moem in honour of Mother’s Day.

Please do feel free to share this mother’s day poem.

Mother’s Day can have a different side ~ if like me, you are missing your Mum on Mother’s Day, this poem might resonate with you.

Missing Mum is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Ever Think About Me? Poemtoon

ever think about me poemtoon


The Smile You Gave Me

You popped up on my timeline. You showed up in my life.

Only ever brief encounters, never destined to be your wife.

You waltzed-in in your dancing shoes and tap danced on my heart

Little knowing that your footprints would leave it left in tattered parts.

As perfect as the morning dew, you glistened as morning rose

Evaporating silently; no-one sees where the dew drops go.

But thanks for stopping in here, as those moments, they were bliss;

My cheeks heavy with your humour, my lips spattered with your kiss.

Memories laced with melancholy, recollections play

Eternally in hope that you’ll return, another day.

So whilst you’re out there searching, for the one you hope to find

I’m still wearing the smile you gave me. I hope that she won’t mind.

The Smile You Gave Me is a poem © Ms Moem

Two Places At The Table | A Poem

poem cartoon illustration two places at the table

Two Places At The Table

There was a little table
With one sturdy wooden chair
There wasn’t lots of space
But one person sat happily there.

There was one set of cutlery
And a single solitary plate
Ready for the quiet meal
Where one sat and pondered one’s fate.

Now there’s a slighter bigger table
And it’s in a room with a view
With all the necessary requirements
For a perfect meal for two.

No longer silent and solitary,
Two contented souls sit there
Contemplating what life might be like
If there were another chair.

Two Places At The Table is a poem written by Ms Moem

I wrote Two Places At The Table as a short alternative wedding poem. It looks at the journey a person goes through from being a single individual, to then becoming part of a couple and finally, what comes next? The thought of being a family! That’s where the next place at the table comes in! It is a sweet little poem, and although I am biased, I really do like it!
I particularly like the way it fits with the simple cartoon illustration – sometimes less is indeed more!
If you would like to hear Two Places At The Table being read, then you can find the video on youtube!

Christmas Past

With Christmas all but over
Leftovers warmed, and gone
We take the decorations down
And life, it just goes on.

No more frantic shopping
No christmas carols play
No more gross indulgence
No more Christmas day

No more glitzy tinsel
No twinkling fairy lights
No more bouncing baubles
Gluttonous days and lazy nights.

It’s sweet goodbye to prodigals;
Au revoir to festive paper.
It’s ciao to tins of chocolate
And hourly snacking, see you later!

It’s been a great occasion
With feasting, gifts, and more
But since new year is on her way
I must show you the door.

Just until this time next year
When Santa calls again
But can we keep the charming peace
And goodwill to all men.

Christmas Past is a poem by Ms Moem.