What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Friends – A Poem by Ms Moem

From the day life starts until it ends
We have the chance to make lots of friends.
They’re dotted all about life’s line
To chatter to, to pass the time
To show support, to be a mate
To make sure that you celebrate
The milestones you have reached and passed
To hold your hand as you breathe your last.
There’s friends who you’d do anything for
Who never ask for anything more
Than companionship and fun and laughter;
No need to wonder what they’re after.
They’re there to listen when you’re in need
They offer advice and you take heed
Because you know their intentions are good
And they’d always help you if they could.
Then there are friends who take, take, take
And though, not bad, they seem to make
A mountain of the smallest matters;
Those friendships seem to end in tatters.
The ones who when your problems mount
Just disappear, and you can’t count
On them at all, not necessarily because they’re mean
But rather because it’s just the way they’ve always been.

Spending time with friends is a great thing to do
You find them near, you find them far
You’re not responsible for how other’s are
But what kind of friend are you?

It’s A Boy – Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Gives Birth

First picture of Kate Middleton, Prince William & Baby Cambridge

First picture of Kate Middleton after birth – HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, HRH Prince William & HRH Baby Cambridge

Congratulations To The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge
And Welcome To The World Baby Cambridge | A Poem

A brand new life has officially begun
As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed a son.
HRH Prince of Cambridge was sent to fill their lives with joy
And he becomes 3rd in line to the throne, this precious little boy.

His whole life will be geared towards becoming our King
But for now, he’s brand new, and I wish him one thing
That he can grow up in a family that is contented & happy
Who are overcome with pride for their little prince in his nappy.

His name not yet announced, he was born at 4.24
And I am absolutely certain he is all that they wished for.
So congratulations Kate and Will and enjoy your little lad
And cherish your babymoon now you’ve become a Mum and Dad.

Congratulations Poem and animation © Ms Moem

My Wedding Poems

This is a selection of my wedding poems, for your viewing and listening pleasure!

The following are the wedding poems within the playlist:

Twas The Night Before The Wedding
Create. Live. Love.
What Would I Do Without You
One Whole
Promise Me
Bless Our Marriage
The One
Two Places At The Table
To My Twin Sock

Do drop me a line if you would like to use any of my wedding poems for your big day, as I love hearing what my poems get up to when I’m not there!!

Tweet Trap

Incoming message, short and sweet;
You’re trying to work, but longing to tweet.
You think you’ll log on for a minute or two
Don’t fall for that trap; it’s deadly if you do.

You try to resist with all of your powers
But once you log on, you are on it for hours.
Reading about news and chatting with friends;
When you need a quick fix, it’s a means to an end.

It’s a brilliant platform, I have to confess
I just wish it would consume my time a little less.
I have so much to say and so much to share;
Just a word of advice ~ always tweet with care!

Tweet Trap is a short poem by Ms Moem

I wrote this little poem because I have to confess that I am addicted to twitter. And whilst I love this social media platform very much, it is very easy to let is absorb all of your free time. I do tend to go in cycles of feast and famine with twitter, as sometimes I am tweeting every 20 mins, every day and sometimes I have whole months off, but no matter what, I am always drawn back in the end. How do you tweet? Have you fallen for the tweet trap? How do you moderate your tweeting time?

Twitter is one of my favourite social media platforms because just by tweeting, I have encountered great business and personal inspiration, from a whole host of people that I would otherwise never have met or indeed had any contact with. So, even though I am warning you not to fall into the tweet trap too deeply, it can be a super useful tool and it is a great way of being able to connect with professionals, celebrities and the all the new friends you haven’t yet met!

Some of my key tweet moments have included:
1. Being highlighted by uber entrepreneurs Theo Paphitis and Jacqueline Gold for their respective #SBS and #WOW twitter campaigns.
2. I got in touch with my very first business mentor by tweeting.
3. Aside from Mr P and Ms Gold, I have had tweets from Davina McCall, Philip Schofield, Keisha Buchanan, Lord Sugar, Heidi Range, Jade Ewen, Lorraine Kelly, Yvie Burnett, Michelle Mone, Darryn Lyons aka Mr Paparazzi, Dawn O’Porter, Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford – all of which make me smile greatly!
4. I have made lots of great life-long friends!

All in all, a tweet a day, is jolly great I must say! 🙂

Cut It Out

Your body is a temple. A blessing. A gift.
Self-harm is a war, and you are worth more than this.
Don’t violate your flesh, and deform your own skin.
It can never resolve the issues you are dealing with within.

You are living in a world that is more connected than ever
So if you have a problem, we can solve it together.
Don’t suffer in silence and say that you have no choice.
A scar sends a message, but it doesn’t rival your voice.

Perhaps you feel like no-one cares. Perhaps you feel alone.
Perhaps you’re going through a tough time, the worst you’ve ever known
But I can tell you with authority, that these feelings won’t last
And one day they’ll just be echoes that you have left in the past.

So don’t create a permanent reminder. Don’t hurt yourself again.
Turn to those you trust and confide in your family and friends.
They don’t want to see you broken, and nor does anyone else
And whilst they can support you, you also need to be kind to yourself.

If you think I am wrong, well that’s your opinion & that’s fine
But I encourage you to think beyond the moment, perhaps years down the line.
If you are feeling tormented now, is that where you want to be stuck
Making your loved ones worry, with strangers giving you pitying looks?

In a critical world, it’s hard to look beyond self-inflicted scars
So why let them tell the story of the person they say you are?
You’re not a walking wound, and weren’t born to be disfigured.
It is so much more than a cut – the whole picture is massively bigger.

If you have children down the line, they might ask for an explanation
To why they are expected to look up to a damaged generation.
And even in the here and now, your peers might be looking at you
And do you honestly want to inspire them to hurt themselves too?

Instead, be the person who says, look at me, I’ve survived.
I don’t seek to harm myself because it’s a privilege to be alive!
I can find better strategies for anything that life chooses to throw my way
But above all else, I bear no scars, and that’s how I am going to stay.

So I speak to you as a mother, and as a virtual friend
Self-harm is an enemy, and I can’t watch you pretend
That it makes things better. It has to end.
Cut it out.

Cut It Out is poem about self-harm.

Job Vacancy In Your Area | A Poem

Job Vacancy In Your Area

Do you thrive on the details? Are you up for the slog?
Answer yes to these questions, and you could get this job.
Are you warm and reliable, whilst firm and composed
And do you mind saying goodbye to cash flow, free time and nice clothes?

This is a position, for only those without fear;
There are daily self-appraisals, and workloads vary year on year.
There is no formal training, and no union support
But you may choose a significant other to back you up when times get fraught.

Experience is desirable, but not essential to the role;
A flexible approach is an advantage, but you must be willing, on the whole.
You’ll be an excellent team player, yet also able to take the lead.
With an ability to furnish charges with any items they may need.

Duties will include, cooking, personal care and giving lifts;
Fun providing and education also feature on this non exhaustive list.
There will be a monetary element, and your wisdom will be called into question
And you must be able to motivate those resistant to your suggestions.

Another desirable quality, is the ability to drive
As escaping the base facility, may make it easier to thrive
This is also beneficial for the hunter-gathering rites
And could form part of the strategy, for those endless sleepless nights.

Your regular working hours, will not be entirely set in stone
Expect irregular overtime, but with the benefits of working from home.
This is a highly dynamic environment, that changes day by day
And though this may surprise you, there is no financial recompense or pay.

That’s right, this is a vacancy, and a job unlike any other
For the role of household CEO, also described as mother.
There are many different areas, that make this an all round career
On the understanding, that once started, you’re in for at least 18 years.

Whilst you are in employment there will be time for nothing else
As you encourage your little charges, to discover their sense of self
All responsibility, will be yours and yours alone
To be considered a job well done, when they’ve grown up & left home.

So if you are still interested, then don’t worry about filling in forms,
You start your permanent trial, the very second your child is born.
From there, you’re on your own, but expect to be judged for all you do.
And remember, there is no manual, but the buck will stop with you.

Job Vacancy In Your Area is a poem by Ms Moem.

This poem is a fun take on the role of a mother. There are so many tasks that they have to take on, that it could indeed be seen as a job! If only the pay matched up to the responsibility!

Twitter Is 7

twitter is seven ~ happy birthdaySeven years ago today
The very first tweet was sent.
Now over 200 million users
Participate in this social experiment.

With up to 140 characters
400 million tweets each day
Are sent across the platform
When people have something to say.

It’s never going to be detailed,
Yet it is informative & concise.
Having access 24/7
Is actually rather nice.

From big businesses and presidents
To thought-leaders and Mums
It seems everyone is interested
In this instant form of fun.

There are trending topics and hashtags
And it’s always mentioned on TV.
It has broken through many barriers
To become the success we now see.

So happy birthday Twitter;
You are really second to none!
7 tweet-filled years have flown by
So in dog years, that makes you one!

Twitter is 7 is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Budget Day 2013

It’s the 20th day of March
And that means it’s Budget Day.
The Chancellor’s primed his briefcase
And we await what he has to say.

There’s a rumoured break in fuel tax
And the tax threshold will be raised.
Both simple little sweeteners
For which they hope they will be praised.

There’s an awful lot of pressure
As the economy is fairly poor.
We’ve all been stretched to breaking point
And we can’t take any more.

So, will this be a brilliant budget,
Or will it make us groan?
Just one hope: make it matter
And leave our pasties alone!

Budget Day 2013 is a poem by Ms Moem.

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