A Poem About Nurses

Nurses Are Born

Nurses are born.
The tasks they perform
Mean quality of care.
Someone being there
When we are in need.
They’re a special breed
Yes, nurses are born.
It’s not boxes on a form
Nor the uniform that is worn.
Because Nurses are born.
On rota 24 hours a day
For no where near enough pay
Nurses tread community and wards
To afford patients dignity in ill health.
They bring with them a wealth of knowledge.
Providing more than a source of solace.
Nurses care.
On occasion,
They bear the brunt of frustration
From family members, unaware
of their workload and stretched resources
Of course, the criticisms levelled at them hurt
But it never stops them from doing their work.
Because nurses are born.
It is something within
That prompts them to begin
And subsequently follow the path of their vocation.
The unsung heroes that deserve respect and celebration.
It’s a purpose, a mission
Not community service as an act of contrition.
But pride
To be the gentle voice at the side
Of someone who is scared.
Nurses care.
But never toot their own horn
Because it is just what they do.
Not for themselves, but for me and for you.
Nurse are born.

Ⓒ Nurses Are Born
A Poem About Nurses by Ms Moem

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