Getting started is the most important part of writing. For your inspiration, here are 66 6 word story starters and prompts. They can be used as the opening lines of your story, or you could use them to build a scene, which you’d later incorporate into a longer story. However you like to use writing prompts, enjoy!

  • I didn’t mean to do it.
  • This was risky. Getting involved with…
  • “Turn round” he said “and walk….”
  • Her heart was well and truly…
  • Rage bubbled daily. It burned like….
  • The day he didn’t come home…

6 word story starters

  • She’d always liked diamonds but this…
  • The greatest love story ever told
  • A piercing scream and then silence
  • Waiting for the bus, she looked like…
  • I’m (*name). This is my story.
  • It was done, and he was….
  • Today is the day that I
  • Ring Ring. “Hello, is he there?
  • Once upon a time, down by….
  • Twice she knocked on the door
  • It was a beautiful little trinket
  • The sun rose over the village

6 word writing prompts

  • The door slammed shut behind her…
  • “What do you mean by that?”
  • It was not really a shock.
  • He said he hated wearing ties
  • The explosion boomed across the valley
  • She’d regret drinking that second cocktail
  • There was nothing but silence. Nothing
  • (*Insert Name) was not to be messed with
  • The advert was placed in the……
  • Midnight. What happened next would be……
  • It was a totally normal day
  • She always said she would meet……

story starters blogged

  • Four hooded figures slipped across the….
  • Any second now, life would change..
  • It was now or never. Nervously she…
  • He’d escaped. He breathed in deeply.
  • Flashbacks. The never-ending circle of….
  • Turns out the car wasn’t stolen

writing prompts to start your story

  • I never knew what it felt…..
  • The garden was beautiful at night.
  • Choices aren’t always easy. This was…
  • You’d be surprised if I said…
  • We woke up with only one….
  • “This better be good” she sighed.
  • It was the night before the….
  • She thought she was invincible
  • The letter arrived on the Monday…
  • Certainty would have been a bonus.
  • At least he was still alive
  • Hurtling towards earth, he had a

how to start writing a story

  • Wedding bells chimed. People threw confetti.
  • Looking back, it was never likely…
  • “Were you followed?” he asked menacingly.
  • It was a chance meeting online…
  • He had promised to find her
  • I got all the winning numbers!
  • The aeroplane was delayed. Great start!
  • One word. Just one single word.
  • Hurting him was not an option
  • A great friend is a blessing
  • “So, what’s it to be sunshine?”
  • Being woken up by shouting was

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