poem about chasing dreams. If you're finding reasons not to, they are likely to be excuses! Go for it! | #poetry Ms Moem | #Inspiration

Wannabe Dream Chaser

You can list reasons
not to
your dreams;
You could reel them off all day
you could stop making excuses
get out of your own way!

This is a poem written by Ms Moem.

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Ask Not What’s In It For Me

by Ms Moem on July 26, 2014

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Say not "There better be something in it for me, but rather, what can I give to make it better for everyone?" | #quotes |#inspiration  Ms Moem

Rather than focus on what you can get out of any given situation, why not take a step back and come at it from a position of giving.
Making things better for everyone is a much happier space to be in than solely being out for oneself!
What can you give?

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a poem about feelings | suppressed by Ms Moem | #dailypoemproject day 25


She said
“He’s like a robot.
He gives nothing away.”

But he was taught
not to show emotion,
at least
not in the cold light of day.

A poem about feelings written by Ms Moem.

This is post 25 of my daily poem project. #dailypoemproject

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poem about strength | daily poem project day 23 | ms moem


Mental and physical;
Emotional, raw.

Strength keeps you going
When you feel you can go on no more.

If you’re wondering if you are strong,
The answer is always yes.

Don’t underestimate
the silent strength
that you don’t even know you possess.

A poem about strength by Ms Moem.

This is poem 24 of my poem every day in July project #dailypoemproject.

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A Poem About Beauty

July 23, 2014

Beauty They say it fades They say it wanes They say if you don’t have it Then that’s quite a shame But it is not a possession And the ultimate truth We all see it differently; Not just the preserve of youth This little poem about beauty is written by Ms Moem. This is poem […]

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First Flush Blush | #DailyPoemProject Day 22

July 22, 2014

First Flush Blush He was completely captivated; under her spell and on the brink. He loved the way she bit her lip and her cheeks flushed that certain shade of pink. This is a micro poem written by Ms Moem. This is the 22nd poem in my daily poem project – the prompt was ‘pink’. […]

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