The Best Pancakes

best pancake recipe

Best Pancake Recipe

1 egg
115g plain flour
150 ml milk
pinch of salt

butter and oil for frying

lemon and sugar for dressing – or any other topping of your choice

This recipe will yield 4-6 thin crepe style pancakes. Simply multiply the ingredients if you want to make more.

Once you have made your batter by throwing it all together and whisking vigorously, allow to rest in the fridge for at least 10 minutes before cooking. Give it another whisk before you start frying.

Pancake Tips

You will need about a teaspoon of butter and a splash of oil to fry each individual pancakes.

As your add your batter to the frying pan, swirl to cover the base.

Don’t let your pan get too hot. If the butter starts going brown as soon as it hits the pan, you’ve gone to far.

The pan doesn’t always need to be directly on the heat. You will need to use your cooking skills to assess.

You will know when the first side is ready when you can gently curl the edge of the pancake and their are bubbles all over the surface.

Flip once, with a spatula or freestyle if that’s your thing.

Serve and use fresh lemon juice from a real lemon and then sprinkle with sugar.

Roll and eat. Repeat.

Eduardo The Bear – Illustration

eduardo the bear

Meet Eduardo the bear. In my exploration of children’s book illustrations, I’ve come up with this cuddly character. He’s quite a contrast to Gary The Dragon.

I am really enjoying having a go at illustration. I’ve always seen as it as something of a dark art, so creating a couple of characters of my own has pleased me greatly. As a complete beginner, I am happy with the simple nature of my drawings, but I must say I have a massive respect for professional illustrators!

eduardo the bear children's book illustration by ms moem

I quite like the black and white look of this front cover idea. It reminds me of the books I used to read when I was a child.

I’ll have to share some of my rhyming story texts with you soon.

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