Happiness Is Outside The Lines

Happiness Is Outside The Lines ~ Poem by Ms Moem

There are many ways society wants us to be defined.
But maybe peace and happiness reside outside the lines.
They’ll try to box you in and try to work you out
But won’t take the time to really learn what you are all about.
So never mind the categories from far, irrelevant voices;
Just love the things you do and be happy with your choices.

Happiness Is Outside The Lines is a short poem by Ms Moem.

Show Me The Light

Show me the light, the light in your eyes.
Darkness fades away with you in my sights.
Time’s standing still, so it comes as a surprise
That eventually we are plunged into a perpetual night.

Show me the strength, at the bottom of your well
And tell me a story that only you can tell.
Recount how you got back up after you fell
As a reminder that you can plot a course out of any hell.

Show me the hope, the hope that guides your way;
The stuff that keeps you buoyant when choppy waters block your way.
Smile as you depart in the boat that you sail
Because anything possible and you know you can’t fail!

Show Me The Light is a short rhyming poem by English poet, Ms Moem.

Hard To Love

Sometimes it’s hard to love me.
I realise. I’m aware.
Its silver lining shows me
Who’s real; who really cares.

Sometimes it’s hard to love me.
It’s quite a cross to bear.
But happily I find comfort
In those who are always there.

Hard To Love is a short poem by Ms Moem. ©

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