13 Original Wedding Poems

Here are 13 original wedding poems for you to consider as readings for your wedding day! I hope you like them.

Here’s To Right Now
the most beatuiful original wedding poem - here's to right now by English poet, Ms Moem @msmoem

Tenses – A Wedding Poem
a wedding poem about sharing your life together, Tenses by Ms Moem @msmoem

A Realistic Wedding Poem
A Realistic Wedding Poem - written by Ms Moem @msmoem

Epilogue – Original Wedding Poem
Epilogue - A Sweet And Romantic Original Wedding Poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

To Love Is Life
to Love Is Life - original wedding poem - English Poet Ms Moem @msmoem

I Choose You – A Wedding Poem by Ms Moem
I Choose You Wedding Poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

Showing You My Love – Alternative Wedding Poem
Showing You My Love - A wedding poem by Ms Moem (@msmoem) about actions being stronger than intentions and proving your love is real.

Twas The Night Before The Wedding
Twas The Night Before The Wedding - Poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

You can order an original poem for your groom @iwantapoem

Hold My Hand My Love – Wedding Poem by Ms Moem
Hold My Hand My Love - wedding vos wedding poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

I’m So Lucky – Original Wedding Poem by Ms Moem
I'm So Lucky ~ wedding poem written by Ms Moem

I Promise
I Promise - Wedding Poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

You Are Mine For All Of Time – Wedding Poem
You Are Mine For All Of Time - Original Wedding Poem by @msmoem

Piece Of My Heart – Wedding Poem
Piece Of My Heart - Wedding Poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

Some of these poems can also be found on youtube if you want to check out my poem videos!

If you use any of my original wedding poems on your wedding day, do drop me a line and let me know, or better still tweet or instagram me with a picture or video!

Wedding Poem Print – I Choose You

wedding poem print i choose you by ms moem @msmoem

I have hand lettered my poem ‘I Choose You‘ and you can now buy a digital copy to print yourself on etsy!


So if you use this poem as a reading at your wedding, what better keepsake could there be, or perhaps it would make a beautiful gift to your bride or your groom before you see them on the morning of the wedding?

The image above shows it in blue as your ‘something blue’ but there is also a rainbow coloured version in my etsy shop.

Printable Poems Available On Etsy

Delighted to announce that I have some printable poem art pieces available on etsy.


As well as poem prints, I will be introducing some quotes and printables to go inside your planner or journal.

If there is anything crafty or creative and poem related that you fancy having created, let me know and I can see what I can come up with!

Make The Leap. Own The Sky. Tattoo!

Amazing to hear from a chap today who intends to use my poem as part of a tattoo! How cool is that!

My poem ends with the words ‘make the leap, own the sky’ and he likes skydiving, so this was the poem he chose! Perfect!

Spread Your Wings

So touched that my words spoke to someone else. What a fabulous world we live in!


Hold My Hand, My Love ~ Wedding Vows

Hold My Hand My Love - wedding vos wedding poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

Hold My Hand My Love

Hold my hand, my love.
Today as we commit
I promise to be there for you
For the good and bad bits.

I will try to encourage you;
To be the rock you are for me
And I’ll always have in mind
The way you like things to be.

I will try to be positive;
To support and inspire
And I’ll protect the precious spark
Of our intimate desire.

Then when you need a shoulder
You’ll feel my embrace
And as we both get older
I promise I’ll still love your face.

I pledge my heart to you
As we write our future together
And these are my promises
For now and forever.

Hold My Hand My Love is a wedding vows poem by Ms Moem. ©

How Would You Like It ~ Lauren Aquilina

Discovered this amazing song by Lauren Aquilina this week, and I’ve not listened to much else.

How Would You Like It is a hauntingly beautiful ballad about heartbreak and recriminations. Have a listen!

I love the phrasing and the powerful blend of light and shade in the delivery. Also, it’s great fun to sing along, with air grabs and everything!

Love love love!!!

Watercolour Illustration #Colour_Collective

There’s a hashtag for an illustration community on twitter, that set weekly challenges for illustrators to join in with.

I dipped my toe in the #colour_collective for the first time last Friday. This was my entry!

watercolour illustration by ms moem ~ #colour_collective entry prompt ~ warm grey

What do you think?

Playing with watercolour paints is one of my favourite hobbies at present. That and handlettering & modern calligraphy.

Do you express your creativity through different mediums or are you focussed on just one?

I have found that my poetry seems to flow in a different direction. Perhaps trying new things helps your brain find new channels and seeds of thoughts, I don’t know, but that’s how it seems to work for me.

Even putting some different music on can slighter change the way I feel, so it stands to reason that so many variables can come into play.

I am starting to feel a bit more confident with watercolours. I’ve not been using them seriously for too long, but there is certainly a lot to learn.

Getting involved with challenges like the colour collective are a fabulous way to find inspiration and practice at the same time.

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