A Word Of Encouragement

I got a lovely email from a lady who wanted to know if I thought it was worth her while to publish some books she’d written and to try and make a go of making poetry her living.

I’m not really a careers advisor, so I decided that the best response would be a poem. Here it is! What do you think?

a word of encouragement - "follow your passion and see where it takes you. It's not following your dreams that eventually breaks you." So, follow your dreams - poem quote Ms Moem @msmoem


A Word Of Encouragement

When you’re down on your luck
And your life seems a mess,
But you’ve got a simmering urge
That you long to put to the test;
You can make it your focus
To see where it takes you.
It’s not following your dreams
That eventually breaks you.
I can’t tell you your fortune
Or how much you’ll make
Nor advise if this path
Is the right one to take
But if you never try
Then you won’t ever know.
Your future’s in your hands
So just give it a go!

A Word Of Encouragement is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Please do feel free to share my work as long as you credit me and link back to this original post!

I Never ~ Poem

I Never

I’ve never really thought about it, well not until now.
I’ve never made the best of things. I never knew how.
I never really went for it. I never took the leap.
I never found the confidence they say lies in the deep.
I never thought I was brave enough or good enough to win
And I never heard a little voice egging me on from within.
I never had the lucky breaks so never knew what could be.
I never had anyone tell me that it must come from inside me.
I never found my momentum, nor even got it started.
I never caught the train as it had already departed.
I never started swimming nor got into the flow
And if I carry on like this, then I guess I’ll never know.

I Never is a short poem by Ms Moem.