Carry On – Funeral Poem

Carry On - Funeral poem written by Ms Moem

We’ve cried an endless river.
Our hope stores all but drained.
Your echoes are fading quickly;
Intensifying our pain.

Your fingerprints all washed away.
We pack away your clothes.
Your room lays bare and empty.
Your door permanently closed.

You’ve slipped into another world;
A place we cannot be.
Time can no longer touch you
And sadly, nor can we.

And so the dark turns into night
The sun all set and gone
Yet though our tears have blurred our sight
Your memory spurs us on.

Carry On – a funeral poem written by Ms Moem.

Painted Quote

painted quote by ms moem. You might not be perfect but don't worry, you're not meant to be. Positivity.

We’re not meant to be perfect!

Perfectly Pointless

Click here to see the perfect face
The perfect form, the perfect place
The look, the shape, the perfect style
The perfect pristine pouting smile
The perfect bag, the perfect shoes
The perfect way to break the news
The perfect trip, the perfect date
The perfect possible party mate
The perfect chemistry, perfect life
Perfect soulmate, husband, wife
Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, more
The perfect way to know for sure….
They list perfection, cast the net
We sigh, we cry, we’re not there yet
But here’s the thing, hope you’ll agree
Perfect’s pointless; not meant to be.

Perfectly Pointless is a poem by Ms Moem.

Wedding Poem | Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Wedding Poem ~ Today. Tomorrow. Forever by Ms Moem

Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Random moments and muddling along.
Finding ourselves, learning where we belong.
Sorting reality from what we expect.
Lives collide daily & sometimes we connect.

A glance, a chance, two paths, one road
A pair advance, they share a load
A love, a life, a first abode.
They share an understanding.
Effort divided equally
Without either one demanding.

He isn’t perfect but neither is she
They just love spending time together.
Life lived side-by-side is where they want to be.
Today, tomorrow & forever.

Today. Tomorrow. Forever. is a wedding poem written by Ms Moem.

If you use this poem as a wedding reading on your big day, do drop me a line and let me know!

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Beyond The To-Do List ~ Poem

beyond the to-do list poem by ms moem

Beyond The To-Do List

Everything you’ve ever wanted lies
beyond your to-do list.
So don’t resist.
Each wish you’ve ever cast
All the hopes that you’ve amassed
No matter how daft.

Once you’ve written it down and made the plan
What happens next is all in your hands.

The list is not enough.
It can be tough to take action
But for your own satisfaction
Do what needs to be done.

In years to come
Imagine what you might say
If the list went unchecked
And your chance slipped away.
Then in the reverse
Wonder how it might be
If all your dreams came true
And at last you felt free.

You see, there are people in this world
Who we hold in esteem
As they seem to have it all;
They’re living OUR dreams.

But we’re forgetting their struggles
Their sacrifices. Their why.
And while we’re busy watching their magic
Our own time is slipping by.

So what’s on your list
And where will it take you?
Make an effort to make it.
Don’t simply make do.

Beyond The To-Do List is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Favourites ~ A Poem For Mother’s Day

a poem for mothers day - favourites


Mums don’t have favourites!!
Or maybe they do.
Mine said I was her favourite
And I knew it was true.
She said the same to my brother.
Glee danced in his eyes.
He knew that she meant it
As mums never tell lies.
We are so very different
But right from the start
It was clear that we occupied
The same place in her heart.
Yes, we are both her favourites
And the reason I’m sure
Is that favourite means most loved
And she couldn’t love us more.

Favourites is a poem for Mother’s Day 2015 written by Ms Moem.

mothers day poem - favourites by ms moem

A Realistic Wedding Poem

realistic wedding poem written by ms moem

A Realistic Wedding Poem

Marriage is a journey, and not just a destination
That goes far beyond this wedding, this public celebration.
This is just the beginning of a path we’ll travel together
With obstacles to overcome, and possible storms to weather.

One day we’ll sit side by side, hands withered and bent
Thinking back over the years, the good times we have spent.
We’ll remember the laughs. We’ll recall special places
And look far beyond the greyed hair and softly lined faces.

So let’s take it all in and cherish each day
No matter what happens, no matter what’s thrown our way.
We’re both realistic. Every day won’t be a dream
But we’re in this together, because we make a cracking team!

Realistic Wedding Poem written by Ms Moem.

If you use this poem at your wedding, please do let me know!

Dear Me ~ Poem #DearMe

Dear Me poem by Ms Moem #DearMe

Dear Me,

I think I’d like to start by saying
love the skin you’re in.
You’re unique and this is your chance
to show what lies within.
I don’t think that you realise
you really are enough.
You’ll find you’re quite resilient
when times seem bleak or tough.

Dear Me,

Don’t try to hide yourself;
A young unconfident girl
is only ever a pen stroke away
from making her mark on the world.
You’ve got a voice, so use it
And make the most of your words.
Find time to listen to others.
Each one of us can be heard.

Dear Me,

Try to not hesitate
for in fear no freedom’s found.
Let your mind drift to the stratosphere
But keep your feet on the ground.

Dear Me,

One day you’ll tell yourself
that you are free to choose yourself.
To walk your path, there’s no-one else.
You need to walk alone.
Forget the past, resistance melts.
It’s not a game, no cards were dealt.
The tides will ebb and flow and swell
Then you’ll see you have grown.

Dear Me,

I hope one day you’ll know
that there are those who love you so.
Remember that if you feel low.
Open up more.
Oh my dear impressionable me,
have some faith and you will see
that good things come to those who try.
Don’t just sit there and
let life pass you by.

Love me. xxx

Dear Me poem is written by Ms Moem.

dear me