Fishing For Stars ~ A Poem

by Ms Moem on January 27, 2015

in Poetry

fishing for stars ~ a poem by Ms Moem

What if the skies were oceans
And the ocean was the sky.
What if the land were flooded
And all earthly seas ran dry.
You might not find the answers
Though clues hint to who you are
It’s still worth going fishing
as you might just catch a star.

Fishing For Stars is a short poem by Ms Moem.


Poor Shoulders ~ Poem

by Ms Moem on January 25, 2015

in Poetry

Poor Shoulders - Poem about society by Ms Moem

Poor Shoulders
The walls are made of the wounded.
The doors are made of stone.
Beyond we are promised riches
Greater than we’ve ever known.

Comply! You’ll be rewarded.
Security not guaranteed.
The government makes the cuts
And watches as the nation bleeds.

The king sits in his counting house.
The bankers chase the gold.
The world collapses under the weight
Of problems that money can’t solve.

Poor Shoulders is a poem about society written by Ms Moem.


Take A Moment

by Ms Moem on January 24, 2015

in Poetry

Take a moment -  poem written by Ms Moem

Take a moment
once in a while
pause to breathe
reflect and smile.
Think happy thoughts
and look around.
Feel the sun on your face,
your feet on the ground.
Count the stars.
Examine the sky.
Catch the rain.
Watch birds fly.
Make meaning from silence.
Let words lift your soul.
Explore every facet
of your wonderful whole.
Take a moment
to count your wins.
Smell the coffee.
Drink it in.

Take A Moment is a short poem written by Ms Moem.


A Poem About Snow

by Ms Moem on January 21, 2015

in Poetry

Letter To Snow

I love you and I hate you
My children think you’re great. You
creep in through the night
To leave your blanket pure and white.
And even I cannot deny that I am dazzled by the sight.

Your brilliant uniformity
Makes heat mean so much more to me.
Because dear snow
Wherever you go, the icy chill is sure to be.

Soft, downy feathers spilled from your pillow.
Your flakes float to the ground, without a sound.

But cosy, from the warmth of my window, you’re my favourite winter view
And I can’t resist the urge to push my footprints right into you.

This poem about snow ‘Letter To Snow’ is written by Ms Moem.


Never Forgotten ~ Poem

January 14, 2015

Never Forgotten I think of things you used to say And all that you would do. At some point, every single day, My thoughts will turn to you. To lose you was a bitter wrench, The pain cut to my core. I cried until my tears ran out And then I cried some more. This […]

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Lost Love – Micro Poem

January 8, 2015
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