No-one Ever Wins A War

No-one ever wins a war.
Just take a look at history and all that came before,
no-one ever, and I mean no-one, truly ever wins a war.

How can anyone expect world changes
from the senseless murders of strangers.
Strangers to us and strangers to their killers,
yet we all bear the scars and danger dances within us.

Contempt and distrust rise triumphant from the dust.

Not a single drop of blood spilled is necessary or just.

And yet it goes on. An eye for an eye, a bomb for a bomb.
People flee from their countries and the war rages on.

And for what? What’s it solving?
Stuck in a loop, a door revolving,
revolvers handed to misguided fighters
to intimidate and destroy, to decimate and incite us
to respond.

With yet more bombs.

Who started what is not the focus that matters
but endless retaliation leaves families in tatters.
Towns turn to rubble, hope turns to horror,
today turns to terror, what’s left for tomorrow?

It is a hollow sort of victory
that sees those written down in history
only have their notoriety
because of the hurt they caused society.

And whilst hurt breeds fear
fear builds walls
walls divide still further
and division kills us all.

And what’s it for?
No-one ever wins a war.

It doesn’t bring freedom, or friendship, and more
it doesn’t unite communities or legitimise a cause.

No, no-one ever wins a war.

No-one Ever Wins A War is a short poem by Ms Moem

no-one ever wins a war ~ poem by Ms Moem @msmoem

Baby It’s You

Sipping life like a fine wine,
highlights on the timeline.

Everything I ever go through;
I want to share it with somebody
and baby, it’s you.

Seeing sights as they blur by,
feelings on a rare high.

Everything I ever go through
I want to share it with somebody
and baby, it’s you.

Touching all the same places,
both winning the same races.

Everything I ever go through
I want to share it with somebody
and baby, it’s you.

One and another, there for each other
a vow spend life as best friends and lovers.

Baby It’s You is a short wedding poem written by Ms Moem

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wedding poem ~ baby it's you ~ written by Ms Moem

The Aura Of Christmas | Poem

Poem ~ the aura of Christmas ~ by English poet, Ms Moem

The aura of Christmas is suspended in the air;
the nip of the cold, the trees almost bare,
the smoke from the chimneys, the stocks in the stores.
Yes, all the signs point to that time we all wait for.

There are packs of festive biscuits and carols on repeat,
the streets decked out in fairy lights for a fabulous visual treat.
Fir trees wait for families to rehome them, with delight,
covering them with baubles, tinsel and coloured lights.

There are smiles on people’s faces as they meet friends in town,
catching up on everything since they last saw them around.
And children write the lists that they will send to Santa’s den
and with that you know that Christmas is about to come again!

The Aura of Christmas is a short poem by Ms Moem. Ⓒ


Don’t place your happiness on a map in a place you’ve yet to be.
Don’t race to be the first, but miss out on all there is to see.
Don’t hide from things that scare you, when fear is just an illusion.
Don’t assume you know what’s coming when you’ve not written the conclusion.
Don’t waste your precious talents for fear of what others think or say.
Don’t wait to live life tomorrow, appreciate and live for today.
Don’t be the one who hears these words as meant for someone else.
In fact, don’t take my word for it ~ just don’t keep it to yourself!

Don’t is a short poem by Ms Moem.

Don't is a poem written by Ms Moem.

A Poem About Light And Dark


Light spilled onto her waxy cheeks.
She had been consumed by darkness for weeks
and at first, it hurt.
Her eyes squinted as the light glinted in the distance.

“Not far to go now, keep on keeping on.”

Like a hungry animal, she was soon consumed by light.
It burned brightly, erasing her shadows.

“Be brave little one. Keep on keeping on”

She came to the mouth of the cave. Light illuminated.
With her hands holding onto the black, she looked back.

“You don’t really want to go. Darkness is all you know.”

The blanket of dark called her.
It quickly re-absorbed her.

A poem about light and dark written by Ms Moem.

Words To Change Your Life

1. You are the boss of your life.
2. Grab all opportunities that come your way.
3. Other people’s opinions of you should not shape the person you are.
4. There’s only so much thinking you can do. Be decisive.
5. Take action.
6. Big achievements are good but it is the little things you do each day that mean most.
7. Never settle. What you settle for, you will be stuck with.
8. Don’t buy things you don’t need.
9. Aim to set off ten minutes earlier than you need to so you don’t have to rush.
10. Surround yourself with people who make you feel like you matter.
11. Be your own biggest fan!
12. Mindset is everything ~ believe you can!!
13. Smile.
14. Never underestimate anyone. You don’t know who or what they know, so never discount a person based on an assumption.
15. No matter how tall the hill you want to climb, you must start walking. You’ll never get anywhere just standing at the bottom looking up.
16. Do the thing you love everyday.
17. The smallest change can have a big effect on your life.
18. Accept responsibility for your actions.
19. Don’t dwell on the past. Those days are gone and you can’t change them. Focus on your present and the future.
20. No-one is going to wave a magic wand and transform your life, but you can change your own life!
21. If you see an opportunity to help another person, do it. Kindness doesn’t need a reason.
22. If someone wrongs you, forgive, forget and move on. Holding anger does nobody any favours.
23. Trust your gut instincts.
24. Check in with yourself every so often and if you have stuff you want to work on, set yourself a goal or a target.
25. Always remember you are as capable of great things as anyone else! Go for it!