Why Youtube?

by Ms Moem on August 27, 2014

in Media

Why youtube?

The web, visual by design, populated by characters
Whose lives on and offline merged
Alongside a surge of technological advance,
Gives us all the chance
To have a voice. It is your choice
And yours alone, whether you connect via desktop
laptop, tablet or phone, but this platform gives you global reach
To connect, to share, to watch, to teach;
To be part of something, to start something.

Why youtube? Why not?

A short poem about why youtube is the place to be, written by Ms Moem!

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Prisoner Of Circumstance?

by Ms Moem on August 26, 2014

in Quotes

prisoner of circumstance? free yourself - you have the keys! inspirational quote - ms moem

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by Ms Moem on August 25, 2014

in Poetry

life is too short for regrets | poem quote | Ms Moem

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
Cherish the good times, the people you met.
The lessons they taught you
The things you have seen
Relish the memories;
The places you’ve been.

Think of the laughter
Think of the sun
Bask in the warmth of things you have done.

Your life and your choices
The decisions you made
Find joy each one
And smile as they’re replayed.

A short poem written by Ms Moem

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Rise Up Together

by Ms Moem on August 19, 2014

in Poetry

Rise Up Together

Is it ignorance, preference, folly or fear
The look in their eyes that says you shouldn’t be here.
The sneer on the face, the disdain of others.
Perpetual ignorance between virtual brothers.
Opinions divide, beliefs polarize
And community crumbles before our very eyes.
Your way is wrong but our way is right.
Step out of the darkness, come into the light.
While society argues, broadcasting views
Every single person has the right to choose
But still wars are started and rage on every day
Because somebody somewhere thinks theirs is the only way.
Where there should be love, hatred stampedes
Creating conditions that this world doesn’t need.
And why? What’s the point? It seems terribly strange
To have anger preserved preventing fresh change.
We all live on this planet, it’s the same air we breathe
We can respect each other’s choices, our roots, our beliefs
And we don’t have to agree, we don’t have to think the same
But nothing ever gets resolved when you’re hooked on looking for things to blame.
So gender, orientation, age, ethnicity, whatever
Just hold out your hand
And let us rise up together.

Rise Up Together is a poem written by Ms Moem. 2014

rise up together

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