Letters From The World

I was delighted to hear from a young boy and his mum, from Australia, who wanted to use my poem as a presentation at school.

He had chosen ‘Focus On Your Blessings‘ and I would like to take a moment to thank them for reaching out to me.

Of course anyone is free to use my poems for their school presentations. However, sometimes being a writer can be a very isolated enterprise, so when you hear that your words have reached other people, and those literally on the other side of the world, it feels very rewarding.

And as ever, I am always honoured when people choose to use my poems in any public capacity.

If you would like to use my wedding poems or any of my other positive poems, then do let me know as I love hearing where my poems get to when I am not looking!

Oriental Cooking – Inspired By The Dumpling Sisters

This video from the Dumpling Sisters popped up in my youtube feed and I just had to try it out.

This is my take on the Ants Climbing Up A Tree recipe. I couldn’t find the exact ingredients in my local supermarkets and I don’t think we have an Asian supermarket locally, so it’s not quite as it should be, but it was still super tasty.

I used a spoon and a half of lazy ginger, a spoon of lazy garlic, hoisin sauce, some spring onions and fried it all up with some pork mince, then added some vegetable stock.

When I added the noodles (which I soaked as per the video), I added some light soy and a splash of dark soy.

Then I served it with some raw spring onions and prawn crackers.

Inspired by the dumpling sisters ants climbing up a tree - noodles with pork, hoisin sauce and spring onions

I will definitely be making this again as it was a hit with me and my children. I imagine that if you found the exact ingredients, it might be a bit spicier, but even without that kick, it was very flavourful and SO good.

Alongside other dishes, I’d love to learn how to make spring rolls, so I hope something like that pops up in my feed!

I recommend that you head over to the Dumpling Sisters youtube channel if you want to experiment with some oriental cooking.

Do go check them out!

What Am I Doing And Why Am I Here?

What am I doing and why am I here?
Have I got days, weeks, months or years?
Which way should I go? Which path should I follow?
What can I do today to make a better tomorrow?
What matters most and how do I know?
Who will I be and where will I go?
What’s the objective? What, when, where, how?
Start with what you have and who you are now.

What Am I Doing And Why Am I Here? is a short rhyming poem about life by Ms Moem.

poem about life - soul searching - what am I doing and why am I here - poem by Ms Moem @msmoem http://www.msmoem.com

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