Vinyl – Poem

Vinyl - funny poem by ms moem

A wife returned one day from work
and found her husband raving.
The music boomed, he’d filled the room
and all were misbehaving.

With party debris everywhere,
She paused to take it in.
Though speechless, she released the beast;
the banshee from within.

“How could you do this to our home?
The floor is drenched with drink.
I heard your music down the road.
What must the neighbours think?”

The strangers in the living room
danced on, all unaware.
The wife was mad, that much was clear.
The husband didn’t care.

The music stopped, the wife collapsed;
She sobbed with heavy tears.
He gestured to the stereo and said
“Change the record dear!”

Vinyl is a poem written by Ms Moem

In You – Wedding Poem

In You - a wedding poem by Ms Moem aka amy @iwantapoem

In You

Our fingers entwined
You touched my heart
You looked into my eyes
And love took spark.
My fingers in your hair
Your hand on my waist
Our lips locked together.
My favourite place.
I knocked on love’s door
And it was you let me in.
I heard tenderness in your voice.
I found warmth in your skin.
You’re the place I call home;
I belong nowhere else
Because, in you, I found contentment.
In you, I found myself.

In You is a wedding poem written by Ms Moem.

If you use this poem at your wedding, please do let me know. I love hearing where my poems get to when I am not looking.
Alternatively, if you would like to commission a bespoke wedding poem exclusively for your special day, drop me a line @iwantapoem.

Be – Poem

Be brilliant. Be funny.
Be adventurous. Be exciting.
Be confident. Be inquisitive.
Be warm. Be inviting.
Be happy. Be grateful.
Be willing. Be brave.
Be bold. Be inspiring.
Be remarkable, but behave.
Be nice and be giving.
Be sensitive. Be caring.
Be proud and be honourable.
Be open. Be sharing.
Be smart and be curious.
Be trustworthy. Be cool.
Be wise, be ambitious
And be nobody’s fool.
Be calm, be determined
Be eloquent. Be measured.
Be knowledgeable. Be humble.
Be gracious. Be pleasured.
Be marvellous. Be accepting.
Be empathetic. Be true.
Be thoughtful. Be faithful.
Be awesome. Be you.

Be is a poem written by Ms Moem.

be you - poem quote Ms Moem

Hold My Hand Mummy

Hold my hand mummy
And show me the way
So that I can go out
In the big world one day.
Teach me the basics
And then let me learn.
Should I ever get stuck
I’ll know just where to turn.
Cheer me up mummy
When I’m feeling blue.
I can always rely
On a kind word from you.
Dry my tears mummy
When I’m feeling sad.
Let me know it’s okay
And I won’t feel so bad.
Show me the sunshine
And then set me free
To be the brilliant person
That you raised me to be.

Hold My Hand Mummy is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Free | Poem

What gives us personality?
What encourages conversation?
What helps you to be comfortable
Yet allows for exploration?
What makes us unique?
What gives us a choice?
What allows us to be quiet
Or use the gift our voice?

Every decision is a fork in the road.
Each path that you take can be confidently strode.
Never let fear stop you
From doing the things you choose.
We regret the things we don’t do
So what have we to lose.

What eats apprehension
To let our dreams be made?
What makes you step forward
To make bad times fade?

What brings us to life?
What allows us to see?
What’s the ultimate attribute?
It is that we are free.

Free is a poem about life written by Ms Moem.

Sit With Me Daddy

sit with me daddy - poem by ms moem

Sit With Me Daddy

Sit with me daddy
I’ll tell you my tales.
Praise my achievements
Comfort my fails.
I’ll snuggle in close
Whilst I fit on your knee
And you can’t imagine
Who I’ll grow up to be.
I’ll remember our games
And all you advise
As daddies are friendly
And wonderful and wise.
I might just be tiny
But I’ll look up in awe;
Your smile & warm words
All that I’m searching for.
Then when I’m grown up
We’ll still sit side by side
Both eyeing each other
With immeasurable pride.

Sit With Me Daddy is a poem written by Ms Moem.

Story Arc

Story Arc - A poem by Ms Moem

There’s a poem in your pocket
and a novel in your chest
with the plot lines weaved in silver
threaded through your thorny vest.
Your roots are well established
and your bark protects your core
but there’s intrigue in your trunk;
your rings now tell us more.
Revealing your beleaguered story
litters lines of dog-eared leaves.
Nonchalant nomads nimble
on the nuances of the breeze.

Story Arc is written by Ms Moem.
This is a poem for national poetry month (US).

Carry On – Funeral Poem

Carry On - Funeral poem written by Ms Moem

We’ve cried an endless river.
Our hope stores all but drained.
Your echoes are fading quickly;
Intensifying our pain.

Your fingerprints all washed away.
We pack away your clothes.
Your room lays bare and empty.
Your door permanently closed.

You’ve slipped into another world;
A place we cannot be.
Time can no longer touch you
And sadly, nor can we.

And so the dark turns into night
The sun all set and gone
Yet though our tears have blurred our sight
Your memory spurs us on.

Carry On – a funeral poem written by Ms Moem.

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