You Make My World Brighter

you make my world brighter poem

You make my world brighter.
You make my heart leap.
You make my tummy tingle.
You make me love deep.
You make my soul sparkle.
You make my toes curl.
You make my cheeks smile.
I made you my world.

You Make My World Brighter is a short poem by Ms Moem.

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I’m So Lucky | Wedding Poem

I'm So Lucky ~ wedding poem written by Ms Moem

I’m So Lucky

I’m so lucky to be in love
To have a willing hand to hold
To know that we’ll stand side by side
Until we’re grey and old

I’m so lucky I’ve met my match
To have found my missing link
To know you try to understand
The way I feel and think.

I’m so lucky to feel connected
Like you’re an extension of me
We share hopes and ambitions
Of how our lives should be.

I’m so lucky I am with you
And as we say ‘I do’
The luckiest thing of all
Is that you feel the same way too.

I’m So Lucky is a modern wedding poem by Ms Moem.

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