Happiness Is Outside The Lines

Happiness Is Outside The Lines ~ Poem by Ms Moem

There are many ways society wants us to be defined.
But maybe peace and happiness reside outside the lines.
They’ll try to box you in and try to work you out
But won’t take the time to really learn what you are all about.
So never mind the categories from far, irrelevant voices;
Just love the things you do and be happy with your choices.

Happiness Is Outside The Lines is a short poem by Ms Moem.

A Poem About Happiness

happiness poem by Ms Moem

This happiness poem is written by Ms Moem.  Suitable for use as an alternative wedding poem. If you use this poem or any of my other wedding poems at your wedding, please drop me a line and let me know, or tweet me @msmoem and send a picture or video! I’d love to see!

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