To My Twin Sock

We started as a pair and that’s how it’s going to stay

Especially now we’re tying the knot, on our wedding day.

I will not end up in the washing machine, separated from my twin

But instead I’ll stick right by you, even when we go into spin.

I go with you to the dryer, or out upon the line

And as we’ve dried in unison, I know that you are mine.

I won’t hide inside a duvet, so that the toe stays dripping wet

But instead we’ll stretch out together, until we’re as dry as we can get.

Then it’s off into the basket, which is another perilous chapter

Until we’re paired up and off to the sock drawer for our happy ever after.

And we’ll snuggle up quite happily, because we were made to share

There’s one for you and one for me, and that makes us a pair!

Two Places At The Table

There was a little table

With one sturdy wooden chair

There wasn’t lots of space

But one person sat happily there.

There was one set of cutlery

And a single solitary plate

Ready for the quiet meal

Where one sat and pondered one’s fate.

Now there’s a slighter bigger table

And it’s in a room with a view

With all the necessary requirements

For a perfect meal for two.

No longer silent and solitary,

Two contented souls sit there

Contemplating what life might be like

If there were another chair.


Wherever you walk

Your impression is left;

You leave footprints all over my soul

You enrich my life

When once I was half

I now am most definitely whole.

Where you go I’ll follow

Today and tomorrow

Life’s journey together we’ll face.

And here on this road

We’ll share any load

On our journey to a happier place.


Love is like an evergreen, it never fades away;

Once love comes into your life, then it is here to stay.

It holds it’s fulsome colour throughout every passing season

Like true love being truly lovely, never needing any reason.

Hardy and resilient, it steadfastly keeps on growing

With all it’s graceful majesty, the true colour can’t help showing.

This everlasting colour symbolises you and me

And our marriage forms the framework for this hardy evergreen tree.

The Spark

There was a spark, you stole my heart

And on my life you left your mark.

With just a grin, you drew me in

And our love story did begin.

I liked your style, you made me smile

I put your number on speed-dial.

You touched my cheek, my knees went weak

Tongue was tied, I couldn’t speak.

I felt so shy, you caught my eye

This was a feeling I couldn’t deny.

The kiss then came, I sighed your name

And hoped that it would happen again.

Now you adore me, in all my glory

And so began our true love story.

One Whole

There’s a never-ending universe, that extends beyond the eye

And there are billions of people who lives simply pass us by.

But then there is the someone who, whose life purpose has a goal

Of finding their perfect other half; the one that makes them whole.

One soul made of patchwork, strands of our lives entwined.

One heart beating tirelessly, the rhythm of our lives defined.

One body standing confidently, with boundless energy thriving

One life that is made for living, and not just simply surviving.

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