Inspired by Morph

Inspired by Morph, the creation of Aardman animations, I had a go at making my own stop motion animation; also known as claymation. I always enjoy flexing my creative muscles and trying new things.

Meet Lil Mo, my versatile purple plasticine friend. For a first go at claymation, I was rather proud of it and I have learned some valuable to lessons to take on board for my next creation! I hope to get round to having another go in the not too distant future. It was fun attempting to get to grips with the basics of making a inanimate character move.

It has given me an even greater respect for the work of Aardman now knowing that just a few seconds of screentime can take half a day to co-ordinate. And I am only at amateur level. When you are creating animations on the levels that they are, it is little wonder that things can take years to come together, especially when you look at everything that  must go into their films and shorts; from scripting and storyboards to sets and character moulding – it is just awe inspiring.

Just in case you didn’t know, Aardman are the geniuses behind Morph, Shaun The Sheep, Wallace and Gromit, Creature Comforts and so much more. Think of any well known animation over the last 20 years or so, and it’s usually Aardman that is behind it!

So I hope you liked my little Morph inspired character!

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100 blogs in 100 days

Duchess Of Cambridge Is In Labour | Waiting For News

The Duchess of Cambridge is in labour.
The Royal Baby is on the way.
We’re all just waiting for news
And hoping the baby arrives safely today!

So I created this animation
As I imagine there is a lot of pacing
And as the Royal baby makes it’s entrance
What a grand life, he or she, is facing!

Poem and animation by Ms Moem.

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