Birthday Ode To Philip Schofield

The cream of entertainment, now living the presenting dream;
It started with the BBC, when Phil was just 17.
Now turn on the television, and forever smiling from the box
Is Mr Philip Schofield, also known as the silver fox.

Award winning and professional, he followed his vision
And took every opportunity to achieve his life ambitions.
There was a time he closed his eyes and then drew back the curtain;
With such a big ambition, a hit with Joseph, was invariably certain.

He pioneered Children’s television, being the first on the scene
Before Going Live, each Saturday with co-host Sarah Greene.
Don’t forget his other companion, from way back in the day;
You must remember Gordon the Gopher; he was a legend, I say!

Now Phil exudes happiness at every visual turn
Synergising with lovely Holly, after years with fabulous Fern.
Daytime and night-time, he is just utterly nice;
From great This Morning banter, to glamorous Dancing on Ice.

Fronting and supporting the very best prime time shows
Philip Scholfield has a face that simply everyone knows.
So I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sending birthday wishes
And I hope he has a cracking day with his children and his Mrs!

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