Birthday Ode To Duncan Bannatyne

Here’s a quick birthday ode to Mr Duncan Bannatyne;
Born in the Scottish town of Clydebank, in 1949.
From modest beginnings, he’s come such a long way
To become the entrepreneur and Dragon, we know and love today.

Here was a man, determined to achieve his dreams
Who volunteered for the navy at the age of just 15.
An exit a few years later was the making of this man
Who then began his empire in the back of an ice cream van.

From there it was into care homes, which had quality as the key
And a business called Just Learning, which was a chain of nurseries.
Now spas and health clubs across the land, are branded with his name
And a variety of media appearances, have seen him shoot to fame.

Measured, suave and debonair, admired by ladies and men,
Most recognised for his starring role on the cult show Dragons’ Den,
He shows if you are inspired, then you really must persue it
Detailed in his aptly named book “Anyone Can Do It“.

A philanthropist, an author and all-round GOOD cause supporter;
Husband, Father of six, and Grandad to a lovely granddaughter.
On behalf of all your your followers there’s one last thing to say;
Happy Birthday Mr Bannatyne, hope you have a brilliant day!

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