Locked Away – A Poem

locked away - poem about depression by ms moem msmoem.com

Locked Away

She posts pictures of the most amazing life.
The day she became a wife
she wore crystal shoes.
that her loving sister and proud mama helped her choose.
They had spent a glorious day trawling
luxury bridal boutiques,
then gone to a fancy cafe for a lunch time treat.
The afternoon had seen her swathed in silk;
cream, not white because the sales assistant
said her beautiful milky complexion
would be better complimented that way.
So she’d been primped and preened for her perfect day.

She was a stunning bride.

Then babies arrived. Chubby bundles of perfection
who took their beauty from their mother.
And a helpful husband who made sure they still
spent quality time with each other.

The date night surprises,
and breakfast in bed.
Her life seems like a mills and boon romance
Begging to be read.

She is doing everything right.
A healthy balance of nights out with
her many chums,
and she’s a divine example of a perfect wife
a perfect mum
And everyone holds the impression that she’s doing more than ok.
Because she shows no trace of her depression. She locks that away.

Locked Away is a poem about depression by Ms Moem.

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Published by Ms Moem

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