The Petrol Prices | A Poem

Stop! This needs discussion;
It’s about the petrol prices.
They’re practically astronomical;
We’re heading towards a crisis.

It doesn’t seem that long ago
A litre was less than a pound.
It’s now somewhere around extortion;
The price we pay to get around.

The local effects are scary
And the national ones greater still
Pretty soon we’ll all need mortgages
To foot our petrol bills.

But seriously, what matters
As the fuel prices soar ever higher,
It’s added pressure to our budgets
When the economy’s already dire.

The cost of goods will have to rise
To factor in the fuel.
Say goodbye to exotic luxuries
And hello to bread and gruel.

We can all make little adjustments
To try to reduce our spends
Perhaps by combining mini journeys,
Accelerating gently, and anticipating the bends.

So try to maximise fuel economy
To minimise the hit to your bank
And drive slowly when visiting the petrol pump;
Brace yourself to fill up your tank!

The Petrol Prices is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

Converse About The Verse

So tell me how you’re finding it!
Is your wallet starting to hurt?
Cheekily I’ll say ‘I’m alright Jack’;
It’s good not having to drive to work!

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Published by Ms Moem

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