Super Injunctions

super injunctionSuper, simply super, there is gossip on the loose;
Oh, hang on, no, a super injunction is silencing the truth.
What is a super injunction? Well, put as simply as I can
It’s keeping the secrets of the rich, safe from the common man.

Well isn’t that jolly super!! Some super secrets will be hidden for life.
Though we’re led to believe one super injunctee has told his ghast sticken wife.
It’s also said that Twitter is awash with the names of the rest;
What next for thr super injunction? What other secrets will be supressed?

Not sure I see the point in them, as it simply fuels speculation
So now far from being secret, it’s talked about across the nation.
So my advice to these chaps would be, rise above your manly functions
And consider whether a one-night-stand is worth the need for a super injunction.

*UPDATE* The subject of the superinjunction has been left feeling bitter
After his privacy was compromised through the wonder of Twitter.
This highly speculated superinjunction proved to be of little use
In fact it was almost the equivalent of putting his head a noose!

Super Injunctions is poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may only be reproduced with the express permission of Ms Moem

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Published by Ms Moem

Ms Moem is an English poet. Since 2007, she has taken thousands of commissions for personalised poetry. Bespoke poems make the best personalised gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more! Commmission your personalised poem today!

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