International Women’s Day | A Poem

Today is a celebration for women all around the world;
Ladies who’ve dared to dream big, ever since they were little girls.
For the diversity and talents that lie within a feminine heart;
For the courage and determination that prevents us falling apart.

We can raise families and build businesses and be proud of all we’ve achieved
Where once over, visions of that scale, could never have been believed.
Ladies, stand up and be counted, smile at how far we have come
And cherish every single day, whether daughter, wife, or mum.

Don’t let anybody tell you that there are set paths for you to follow
As a little girl with a dream, is an inspiring woman of tomorrow.
So celebrate all women, and acknowledge the great things they do
And tell a lady close to your heart, just how much she means to you.

International Women’s Day is a poem © Ms Moem 2011 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

Converse About The Verse

Is there a specific woman who demonstrates remarkable skill?
Or perhaps you know a lady, who if she can help, she will.
Or perhaps there is a woman that you just feel honoured to know;
Why not tell me all about her, by leaving a comment below!

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    Published by Ms Moem

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