X Factor Final

At last we are here; the end is in sight
And the X Factor Final kicks off for us tonight.
We are eased into the show with all the finalists reunited
And it’s clear that our four acts are all nervous and excited.

“What A Feeling” is the song that has been chosen for the start
And every act on the stage was clearly singing from the heart.
It’s been a contentious year for the X Factor, but viewing is still on top
And tonight we see each act go home, before this journey finally stops.

Matt takes us home to Colchester before singing us his notes
And he waved Dido’s White Flag, to hopefully secure our telephone votes.
This chap will be duetting with Rihanna, and he has Stacey Solomon on the streets;
Will Matt become our winning finalist, as his line-up seems so sweet.

Rebecca Ferguson is next up, and she took us home to Liverpool
You could hear the emotion in her voice as she returned to her old school.
Her act takes place on a pedestal, and she is immaculately dressed;
Could Rebecca be our winner, with Coleen Rooney championing her success?

One Direction drove the Bradford crowds wild and that’s all I’ll say about that;
Then they gave us Your Song as their performance, and it was really a very good act.
The judges all seemed complementary and Simon had to pause for the screams.
Could One Direction be the winning act, the first victorious band there has been?

Number four in our line-up, is keen to fill our teen rap void;
It is Cheryl’s protege from Malvern, the dinky Cher Lloyd.
Clap Clap uniquely combined with Missy Elliott is her opening choice;
Will Cher Lloyd be our winner, will you be voting for her voice?

Next on it’s the duets, and this is what we’ve been waiting for;
Matt Cardle took on Rihanna, and who could possibly wish for more.
Next Rebecca and Christina Aguilera, give us ‘Beautiful’ as their tune.
If I had got to sing with either lady, I’d have been simply over the moon.

Robbie Williams returned to the X Factor to sing with One Direction
And Will.I.Am was flown in by Cheryl, as Cher Lloyd’s duet selection.
The finalists have done all they can, and only three of them will go through
So pick up the telephone and get voting, as their futures depend on you!

We have scantily glad Rihanna and Christina perform before the decision is declared;
At this point in the competition, we’ll forgive all the acts for being scared.
Dermot announced that Rebecca, One Direction and Matt Cardle are all safe.
So it’s so long to Cher Lloyd as she just misses her final three place.

X Factor Final is a poem © Ms Moem 2010 and may not be reproduced anywhere without permission.

X Factor Phone Numbers To Vote For Your Favourite

Matt Cardle 0901 61 61 101
Rebecca Ferguson 0901 61 61 102
One Direction 0901 61 61 103
Cher Lloyd 0901 61 61 104

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