chocolate brownies recipe by ms moem

I am willing to stick my neck out on this one. This is the best chocolate brownie recipe EVER!

best chocolate brownies

Growing up, I have fond memories of being allowed to buy those brownies in a box as a treat, to bake at home. They usually consist of a bag of dry mixture that you have to add water to or sometimes egg or oil. Anyway, they always tasted so nice.
So, I set myself the challenge of being able to make from scratch ‘the best chocolate brownies ever’, as voted for by my daughters and me! I want to be ‘that mum’! Over the years, I have tried many brownie recipes but none ever matched up to those packet mixes.
Until now.
With trials and tweaks, at last I have the best ever recipe for perfect chocolate brownies; Soft and squishy on the inside with a glossy crust that cracks. The smell when these were cooking took me right back!

Ingredients For The Best Brownies Ever

100g plain chocolate
100g milk chocolate
200g butter
100g self raising flour
3 large eggs
150g sugar
2 Heaped tablespoons cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Recipe Method For The Best Brownies Ever

Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Stir whilst you are doing this to make a glossy chocolate sauce. When everything is blended, remove from the heat and add a teaspoon of vanilla.

lting chocolate and butter

In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar together, until you have a creamy looking, frothy mixture.

eggs and sugar

Add the flour and whisk that in gently.

eggs, sugar and flour

Add the melted chocolate sauce to the egg/flour mixture and whisk together.

chocolate and egg mixture combined

I use a wonder whisk (small hand whisk) but you could use a balloon whisk or electric whisk if you wanted to.
This is how your chocolate brownie cake batter should look.

chocolate brownie cake batter

Then pour into your pan. I actually use a pyrex dish lined with foil and greaseproof paper.

chocolate brownie recipe

Bake at 175 degrees C for approx 20 minutes. You know there are ready when you put a skewer in, and it comes out with bits of cake on it, not liquid brownie batter. Keep an eye on it and use your baking skills to assess whether it needs to come out sooner or later. You don’t want a dry brownie or an uncooked brownie.

These brownies are the best chocolate brownies ever! They have a light crisp to the top and a slight sheen, and the inside is soft and chocolatey and moist.

best chocolate brownie recipe ever

This recipe makes enough for two x 8.5 by 8.5 inch square cakes – I cut these into 12 pieces, yielding 24 of the best chocolate brownies ever in total.

chocolate fudge brownies

So to recap – 6 steps to the perfect chocolate brownies

1. Melt chocolate & butter together in bowl one. Add vanilla
2. Whisk eggs and sugar together in bowl two.
3. Add flour to bowl two.
4. Add contents of bowl one to bowl two. Whisk
5. Bake
6. Eat

6 steps to the perfect brownies

Leave me a comment if you try this recipe, and let me know if you agree that they are indeed the best brownies ever!

best brownies ever

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