Modern Calligraphy

modern calligraphy - word art oh happy day quote ~ handlettered by Ms Moem, using the finetec metallic pearl palette in moon gold

I have been trying my hand at modern calligraphy and have just purchased the most amazing gold ink. I think it might technically be a watercolour but whatever, it is insanely beautiful.

This is the finetec metallic pearl palette. They are made in Germany but I got mine from Penman Direct, here in the UK, by mail order.

The quality of the gold it produces beats the gold Windsor & Newton, ink in my opinion. It’s almost like writing with real gold.

I usually use an oblique penholder and nib, but for this little bit of word art, I went for a brush. Brush calligraphy is a little trickier as you really have to pay attention to the brush as well as what you are writing, but that might just be a case of practice makes perfect.

Love the effect though, and as it was literally a case of ‘parcel got delivered, open, paint’, I am very happy with the finished pieces.

Now to think of more things to write!!

What sort of quotes would you like to hang on your walls? Motivational quotes? Inspirational quotes? Things that make you smile?

black and gold modern calligraphy poem quote ms moem @msmoem using a gold finetec palette

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