I’ve known you my whole life but you’re a stranger.
The days we spent together, far removed.
The hopes that we would maybe be together;
Your premonition quashed, my hesitance proved.

I see you in the street and you don’t know me.
We talk along the edges, the depth has gone.
But still there is a sparkle that makes me wonder
Why of the dreams we had, the truths were none.

If life had been quite different we’d have made it.
Maybe we’d be living happy, side by side.
But all those hopes we had are deconstructed
And I’m okay that future was denied.

Deconstructed is a short poem by Ms Moem ©

You Deserve Kindness | Poem

You deserve kindness. I mean it. It’s true.
Yes, you deserve kindness, from me, and from you.
Be kind to yourself when you see your reflection.
There’s only one you, and no such thing as perfection.

Beware the inner critic who lives in your mind
and break free from its prison that holds you confined.
It might tell you you’re ugly, or stupid, or worse
but frankly, its outlook is simply perverse.

So be kind to yourself, and to others around;
Lift yourself up instead of putting yourself down.
You’re magnificent as you are, if you don’t know it yet
and you do deserve kindness. Please don’t ever forget.

You Deserve Kindness is a short poem by Ms Moem. ©

you deserve kindness ~ poem by British poet Ms Moem @MsMoem